Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Look at Striker book 4 Black Rebel Riders' MC

(c) 2014 Glenna Maynard Striker book 4 Black Rebel Riders' MC
“Eyes on the screen, hands on the keyboard, sweetheart. You aren’t going to get out of here anytime soon staring at my ass all evening.”
“If you weren’t looking so sexy in there, tempting me I might be able to accomplish something.” I tease him.
“Well I do have a nice ass. Suppose I will have to give you some incentive to finish.” He closes the door to my office locking it from the inside. Butterflies flutter in my stomach as he goes down on his knees, rolling my chair back from my desk, he kneels between my thighs and pushes my skirt up around my waist. “Open wide, darlin’,” he pushes my knees apart nestling himself between them. His tongue sweeps over my panties, making my thighs quake with need. “Didn’t have lunch today, I’m starving.” He looks up at me with a lustful hunger in his eyes.
He traces the lining of my panties with his calloused fingers, rough from working, but I love the way his hands feel on me. My pussy clenches knowing what’s to follow as he begins to slide my panties down my legs. He is leaving a trail where he has been working, but I don’t even care, because it’s his hands marking me.  One lavish lick from his tongue has me so fucking horny. He scoots back and pulls my chair closer to my desk. One foot hangs over his shoulder while the other is pressed against the desk for leverage.
A large hand wraps around my rear securing me just where he wants me. “Love the way you smell, when you are hot for me. Love the way you feel against my mouth.” He dips his head down sucking on my clit as he works his fingers inside my pussy. “Fuck Baby, so tight,” he says as he tunes my pussy as he would a motorcycle.
My fingers dig into his shoulders as I rub against his face. “Oh that’s’ it Striker, oh shit, gonna make me…”
He stops and wipes his mouth against the inside of my thigh. “Finish your work and then I’ll finish what I started.” The asshole is laughing at me.