The Masquerade Series

Update - until further notice I have unpublished  The Masquerade Series and The Shattered Heart Series- both series will be republished in the future but after undergoing major rewrites. 

The Masquerade Series  started with  The Masquerade Club that is featured in book one Beautiful Strangers. After the success of the first club in Nashville Tn the owner made it into a franchise, with clubs opening in Miami, New York city, and Las Vegas. Book two is titled Beautiful Liar (Coming soon)and book three is titled Beautiful Lover (TBA). Will be revealing their covers soon! Each book centers on different people so you don't have to read them all at once or be waiting for the next to find out what happens, none of them are cliffhangers. The only thing the books have in common is the Masquerade Club. 

 Enter The Masquerade Club, where the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred. Masquerade is a hot burlesque club where everyone including the patrons a required to wear a masquerade mask upon entering. You never know who you will meet. No names are exchanged, no identities are revealed. Rule number one no sharing of information allowed between customers and dancers. Club owner Ritchie Donavon runs the chain with help from his sister Reggie (Regina) and his head of security Turner Mathews. They run a tight ship. If anyone is caught dating a customer or vice versa they will be banned from the club. The rich and famous who frequent the clubs like their privacy and their fantasies to stay hidden.

I promised a surprise and since I have already posted Beautiful Liar teasers,  here is something from Beautiful Lover. Enjoy!

Parker Garrett is known as a playboy, he owns one of the most successful Casinos in Las Vegas 'The Lucky 7'. As one of the city's most eligible bachelors, he likes to have his fun. He has been dubbed with the nickname PG but it doesn't stand for his name and it is taking a toll on his reputation. You will have to read the book to find out what it means. He soon discovers he can act on his desires at  The Masquerade club, while protecting his identity. 
Kingsley Marcum has given up on men, and all the heartache that comes with them. She is working her way through nursing school by bar-tending at Sin City's hottest new club, The Masquerade Club. Sparks will fly when these two meet, but maybe not in the way Parker anticipated.