Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful Strangers Sneak Peeks!

Sneak Peek #1

  Pulling my VW Jetta  next to Evans Harley I get out and practically run down the beaten dirt path to find him, I am in need of more and my fingers are starting to twitch and my palms are getting sweaty  just thinking about it. There was Evan leaning against a post near the edge of the water and he looks pissed, great he is going to give me a hard time, things have been tense between us lately he wants more than I can give. I can’t tell him where I’m working at now I don’t want him showing up and getting me fired like the last time. Evan knows were not together but that doesn't stop him from trying. Even pissed he looks good, and he was wearing the holey jeans I loved and a black tank showing off his tattoos and some real shit kicking riding boots. 
  Pushing his sunglasses from his milky brown eyes onto his shaved head he closed the gap between us, “You’re late Gracie. Sorry long night." I apologize. “Where you working these days? You know me Evan here and there a little of everywhere. Never give a guy a straight answer still I see” he huffs taking one last draw  from his cigarette before flicking it to the ground. “Can’t we skip the pleasantries and cut the shit, I have your money” I say biting my lower lip. “Do you have what I want or not?" I ask.  “Gracie you know I don’t want your money” he says hooking his fingers into the belt loops of my shorts jerking, my body into his.... 

Sneak Peek #2

     Let the games begin. I slowly made my way to the end of the stages catwalk and came to a stop in front of a group of six. One guy in particular stood out to me, it was like a magnet was pulling me closer to him. He is the most intriguing stranger. I lifted my right leg and poked the guy with piercing electric blue eyes in the chest with the heel of my stiletto, then I bent down and pulled him forward by his tie, it was a softer blue and with the black masquerade mask his eyes really did spark. I found my self almost reaching out to run my fingers through his messy black hair.......

                                Sneak Peek #3

   I tried to push my jealousy aside I was here for a job after all. Reining in my daggered glare I sat down on the porch swing picking at a donut when I felt the swing shift. “Hello Grace, as you know I’m Sadie” her sun kissed face plastered with a fake smile. “Nice to meet you” I lied trying my best to smile. When she was satisfied with the pictures that made us to appear like two girlfriends shooting the shit her demeanor changed.
    “You must be the new flavor of the month” she sneered tucking her blonde curls behind her ear. “And you must be the soured milk on the shelf” I snapped back. “Feisty aren't we” she clucked. “Well honey don’t look so smug Jackson and I go way back, he may play with you for now, but when we leave together for our tour in four weeks he will be all mine again. You’re not the first or last girl he’s liked and just like every other time once he is bored with you we will pick back up where we left off. Don’t look so shocked, I’m in no hurry to settle down yet, but Jackson knows when I am it will be just the two of us like before.” 

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