Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Strangers Teaser

Four Is A Crowd........

    I dress in a vixen red low v sweater dress, black fishnets and my new leopard Jimmy’s and a chunky leopard belt. I pull my hair into a messy bun leaving a few wispy pieces around my face, and of course I wear red lipstick. My inner kitten was hiding at the thought of spending the evening with Jax, Sadie and Evan, but little bitch would just have to deal. 
    The look on Jax’s and Sadie’s faces when I walked in on Evan’s arm was priceless. Jax’s jaw tightened and his fist were clinched. Sadie was draping her self all over him, gag me. I excused my self to the bathroom. I wasn't expecting Sadie to follow me. 
Jabbing her finger in my arm as I flinch away she sneers “you think you’re making him jealous but your pushing him straight back to me, where he belongs.” She turns abruptly and stalks out of the bathroom. 
  “Fuck you, you can keep him” I scream at her back. 
   Jax’s manager calls for everyone to take a seat; they are ready to show the new music video. I spy Evan sitting alone nursing a whiskey sour and join him, just as Sadie plops her ass in the seat on the other side of him followed by Jaxson. 
 “So how do you know Grace?” Sadie asks Evan plastering her fake smile. 
 Jaxson cocks his head to the side like he wants to know as well. 
 “The fucks it you blondie?” he snaps clearly not asking.
 Sadie’s mouth drops as does mine, Evan is an asshole but something is definitely up his ass. 
 “Evan don’t be rude” I weakly smile at him. Before more can be said the video begins to play on a jumbo screen brought in for the occasion.
 My cheeks flush when I hear myself say three little words; I love you to Jaxson. I can see him looking at me from across the table in the corner of my eye and I notice Sadie is staring a hole through him. Then out of no where Evan says “excuse me Grace but I refuse to sit here and watch the three of you mind fuck with each other, I’m out” and he walks right out the door......

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