Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tag You're It!

So I have been tagged, I'm it. This is a fun game for bloggers because we rock.
Being "IT" means that you share information about your "work in progress" also known as "WIP"
The Rules
1.) Give credit (including a link) to the Author who tagged you.
2.)Play by the rules, therefore you most post the rules!
3.)You MUST answer all 10 questions (below) some are quite hard but do your best.
4.)List five other Authors with links at the end that you have "tagged" so that the game can continue.

The Link Back
   I was tagged by Morgan Jane who I refer to as a Jane of all trades because you name it and she can do it. Whether it is writing,cooking,sewing, or being a super mom you can find her accomplishing any task. Morgan has a new Urban Fantasy Novel coming out soon titled Sanguis City that I am so excited about. It has everything that I love in a good book mystery, vampires, and romance. She also happens to be my most favorite book buddy and twitter partner in crime you can follow her @morgijane on her Twitter account for some entertaining tweets.

Q1.) What is the title or working title of your WIP?
         Beautiful Strangers is a New Adult Romance about Grace and the two men she is torn between. I actually just finished the final draft last night. Eek!

Q2.) What genres does your novel fall under?

          I consider it New Adult Romance, with a touch of erotica.

Q3.) What actors (Dream Cast) would you choose to play the characters in a film version?

         I would pass out if this were to ever happen, but since this is for fun I will play along. Though I hate to give a preconceived notion of what a character should look like, because as a reader I love dreaming them up in my mind. So here we go, I do not own these pictures this is simply for fun, please please don't sue me

For my main character Grace I would choose Mila Kunis, she is beautiful and very talented. I think she could  execute Graces bad girl vibe perfectly.
 But this is how I see Grace in my head as French Model Fiona Bergson

For the character Evan I would choose Wentworth Miller because he has been one of my celebrity crushes for a while and I think he is an amazing actor
But in my head Evan looks like musician M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold
 For Jaxson Hayes I would have to choose Jake Gyllenhaal let's be honest he is sexy.
For Sadie Blake I would go with the lovely and talented Amanda Seyfried.
For Jocelyn I would go with the wonderful Emma Stone because I absolutely love her.

Q4.) What is the main outline for your book?
        I will give you my synopsis.  
        In this life we have to face choices,chances,and consequences; when Grace went off to college to follow her dreams of becoming a writer, she didn't expect to fall in love. When Evan Brown walked into her life he was almost to good to be true. What will happen once she finds out that may be exactly the case? Will she hold on to the love she never expected or will she let him go when she finds herself drawn to a handsome stranger. When she discovers hidden truths can she let go of her past and embrace her future? Will she overcome her demons to give love a chance?

Q5.) Will your book be Indie published, self published, or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional    
         I will be using Amazon to publish.

Q6.) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
        I started writing back in October 2012 but believe it or not this started out a vampire novel. I just finished my final draft last night.

Q7.) What other books in this genre would you compare your book to?
        Okay now you are going straight for the jugular. I will have to come back to this one ;) I am hiding I know you are throwing rocks at me now. Okay if I had to say I would go with fifty Shades Of Grey meets Rock the Heart. I don't know this is so hard!

Q8.) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

         I would say it started when I was having one of my many book chats with Morgan. I was looking for something new to read and she sent me a link to read her fan fic and I was blown away by it. We got to talking about writing in general and she suggested I do it too. So it kind of took off from there. So thank you Morgan. I also was looking for something that I can do from home that I would enjoy. There is a song that influenced the idea behind Beautiful Strangers it's by an artist called The Weekend  the song is Wicked Games.

Q9.) What else about the book might pique  readers attention?

          To be honest there is a great deal of what you might call smut in my book. So if it is romance with a dirty side they are interested in then they will enjoy my novel.
Q10.) Five other Indie Authors you have tagged

        Sandi Lynn

        Maggie Thom

        S. Moose

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