Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful Liar Steamy Teaser

******************This Material is intended for an audience of 18+***************************

                                                Beautiful Liar Teaser 
                                                unedited copy subject to change

The night air is nice, and it is the edge of dark. A perfect night for a walk on the beach, the glow of the moon against the water and sand is very romantic. Not the idea setting for a walk with a friend.
Turner suddenly pulls me down into the sand with him. He laces his fingers through my hair; I am lying on top of him. I start to roll off of him when he slides his hands down to my hips holding me in place. He looks me directly in my eyes. The grip he has on me is firm. In one swift motion he rolls us over so that he is now hovering over top of me.
“Darby,” he says my name in a strained whisper. His eyes haven’t left mine yet.  I know he is about to kiss me and I should stop him, but it has been so long since I have been kissed. My body takes over and pushes what my brain wants into the dark of the night.
It is as if an alien has taken over my body, when my hands clasp around his neck as I bring my lips to his. My lips part on their own allowing his tongue to invade my mouth. His warm moist tongue taste of wine and desire, I allow my tongue to dance with his. I let out a low moan of pure pleasure.
My hands travel down his back and make their way under the cotton fabric that is separating my skin from his. My nails rake across the top of his back. I completely let go of all control, my hands make their way into his pants and I grip his tight ass. He feels too good to stop now.
A growl escapes his lips when they part from mine. He pulls back from me and props himself up on one elbow, he lets out a puff of air and sighs.
“Darby if we don’t stop this now, I will have my way with you before this night is through, I need to know if you want this.”
My mouth can’t form the words so I let my actions do the talking as I pull my dress over my head. My body is his for the taking. My breast are fully exposed, the slight chill in the air sends my nipples into full salute. They are aching to be touched, to be caressed by his mouth.
The sounds of the city melt into the night. All I can hear is the crashing of the waves and the steady beating of our hearts. He slowly trails his fingers down my side, making his way to my swollen folds. Taking his thumb and forefinger he pinches my clit as he growls into my ear, “tonight you belong to me. Say it Darby!”
“Tonight I belong to you,” I breathe into his mouth as his lips crash into mine. He removes his shirt and I help guide his pants down to his ankles.
“Be gentle with me Turner I haven’t been with anyone in over two years.”
“Baby I will be gentle, but I can’t promise to take it easy with you. Mmm where should I start? This will be the most memorable night Darby, this I guarantee you.”
I let out his name in a moan as I massage my own breast.
“You want me to touch you here,” he cups my sex with one hand “or here,” as he takes over kneading my breast with his other hand.
“I want to feel you everywhere and anywhere!” I take his hard cock into my hands and squeeze his balls lightly. Turner turns away from me for a moment and I hear the ripping of a condom wrapper.
I remove my panties and wait to feel him within me. The sand is gritty and getting into places it shouldn't but I don’t care. I only have one thing on my mind and that’s him.
I take a moment to appreciate his body. The way his muscles curve and ripple is a work of art. I have seen him without his shirt in the gym, but this is different. I feel the heat steaming from his body as he spreads my knees apart and positions himself near my center.
“This may hurt just a bit.” He gently slides into me. I admit since it has been so long it almost feels like losing my virginity all over again, but this time my body knows what to do. I greedily accept him within my sex as I stretch to accommodate his length.
“Darby, you feel amazing.”
“I want you to own my body, claim me Turner!”
The bright stars are burning over us and it is breathtaking, as he plunges deeper inside me. He starts off slow and builds to a faster pace. A bead of sweat breaks across his forehead and trickles down to my mouth the taste of him is salty and sweet.