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Interview with Author Wendi Starusnak

Interview with Author Wendi Starusnak
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1.)    What is the title of your WIP (work in progress) and tell us about it?   
       The title is Detached and it’s a psychological horror fiction.  It contains incest, physical and emotional abuse, murder, and even some cannibalism.  It’s about Emily Ruth Fleischer, an 11-year-old girl who must endure the mental anguish of living with a horribly abusive father. The book starts off with her father serving the family their beloved pet horse for dinner in an effort to teach Emily and her siblings not to "get too attached because it might be supper". Through the course of the book Emily must deal with the murder and loss of one of her siblings, the anguish of trying to figure out how to best bring an end to her family’s nightmare, etc.  The biggest question is: will she be able to bring an end to the torment without destroying herself in the process?

2.)    What inspired you to become a writer?  
       The idea that I could immerse myself in a whole different time and place…. That this other world could be anything that I wanted it to be and anything could happen there.

3.)    Do you have a favorite time of day to write? 
       Anytime that I can concentrate at the computer for at least a little while…. Me-time is rare in my life.

4.)    If you had the chance to co write with another author who would you choose? 
       Stephen King… I love his mind!

5.)    Tell us something people might not know about you?  
       Hmm.  I hate to show my emotions, I’m scared of the dark still and I’m afraid of dolls… yes, dolls.

6.)    Do you plan to self-publish or seek the traditional route? 
        I plan to self-publish Detached but am open to going the traditional route for future novels.

7.)    What is your favorite genre?  
        Hands down for reading or writing it’s psychological horror

8.)    Favorite line from a book? And yes you can choose more than one.  
        I've never picked a favorite.  I love books, all kinds, but it’s the whole book, not just one line that makes me fall in love I guess…

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  1. im excited to read about it. and i dont get into reading much but this has me interested.