Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackened Heart Extended Teaser

********This material is intended for an adult audience of 18+************
Unedited and may change during final publication.....
                Blackened Heart      Coming Soon   

I make my way to the indoor pool, and since it’s late I get it all to myself, or so I thought. Just as I am getting ready to jump in, I see Sadie’s head popping up at the ladder.
“Nothing like a late night swim to clear my mind,” she breathes getting out of the pool. And as much as I don’t want to look, I can’t help but notice how good she looks in her red bikini. And the way the water is dripping from her like thousands of tiny diamonds is mesmerizing, but there’s only one problem; Sadie isn't Gracie. That small fact doesn't stop my dick from betraying me, and fuck if she doesn't notice. I shake my head and try to shake the trance she has my dick in away.
But playing games with Sadie could be the distraction I need to push Grace far from my mind. She begins drying herself with a towel.  She looks at me with the look that says she is more than ready to play. I begin stalking my prey, slinking towards her slowly.  I stalk closer until I have her pressed with her back to the nearest wall. I trap her there placing a hand on each side of her face. 
“Look at me,” I command and she obeys. I used to get lost in the sea of green her eyes hold. “I know and you know that you want nothing more than to wrap those skinny legs around my waist.” I lean in like I am about to claim her lips, stopping just close enough she can feel my lips as I speak, though hers aren't touching mine. ”Fuckings never been our problem has it? I bet your wet right now and I don’t mean from the water.” I trail my fingers down her side and stop right at the edge of her bottoms, right above her hip bone. I can see her lips tremble slightly as she chews the inside of her mouth nervously.
“I bet your panties are about to melt at the thought of tasting my mouth on yours.”
Placing her arms around my neck she says to me “Baby you couldn't melt my panties, if you had a blow torch between your legs.”
“I beg to differ sweetheart,” I place my hand over her heart. I tap my hand in tune with each beat. “I can feel it and hear it Sadie, your heart sings for me.”

“Fuck you, Jax! One day you are going to meet someone who will swallow your blackened heart whole!” I leave her panting and walk away laughing. This final tour might be the best one yet.