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Desiree Deorto, the Prophecy Blog Stop

Desiree Deorto twists a tale in The Prophecy that's sure to delight and keep you turning the pages. This is a tour about the girl behind the story.

Back for some more “Finish the sentence” with Desiree already are we...okay we’ll here you go. :)) Remember you can comment below with your own sentence starter and we’ll get Desi to answer them! (tomorrow they’ll be posted here)

1.       I saw a ghost… and it freaked the hell out of me. Nooooo thank you.

2.       True love… isn't real. True lust that leads to love? Oh yeah.

3.       What happened last night was… NOT my fault


 "I'm a stay-at-home mother of four (no, it isn't very glamorous unless you have a fascination with diapers and baby puke)who finally decided to grow a pair and follow one of my passions: writing. I've been known to throw glitter and threaten people with unicorns. I hate writing biographies because they make me feel really 'look at me! Look at me!' when I'm really one of those '*waves hand* this is not the person you were looking for* type. I hope everyone enjoys my books, and look forward to providing more books that everyone will love!"

1.       What was the hardest thing about writing your book?  

     The hardest thing for me to get over was breaking free of all the negativity that had surrounded me my whole life.  The breaking point was when I only had two more paragraphs to write.  I froze up and went into a panic attack.  Jeremy, my boyfriend of eight years, kept asking what was wrong.  I was so scared and nervous that I literally couldn't speak.  I'd open my mouth and nothing but a stuttering, garbled mess would come out.   I finally had to get a pen and piece of paper and write out what was wrong.  I wrote: “All my life, I've been known as Susie's daughter, who would end up an alcoholic like her.  Dave's daughter, the useless, worthless child.  Every day of my life, I was told that I would never be anything except for useless.  If I finish this, it will strip all of that away.  When it's gone, then who will I be?  I'll lose my only sense of identity that I've had for the past twenty-five years.”  Of course, Jeremy wasn't having any of that. So he took my hand, drug me upstairs, and stared at me while I slowly finished it.  Afterward, he held me while I cried.

2.       Did you have any challenges in bringing it to life? 

     Yes. My main problem wasn't the story itself. It was listening to people. While I know that they had good intentions and I love them for their help, it ended up being not what I wanted. Not what I pictured.  I was so scared that no one would like it that I listened to all the critics and who their favorite authors were.  I sent the first draft to my Beta's, and Patti Larsen, an absolutely amazing friend and fabulous author, sent back a long email stating in detail what it was missing.  Funny thing is is that everything she stated is what I wanted to begin with.  So thanks to her kicking me in the (figurative) balls, I wrote it how it was meant to be written.

3.       Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about The Prophecy or the series: 

    The story of Shiloh is actually a local legend here in Indiana.  The legend is that in Shiloh Cemetery, there is a Warlock buried there.  There is an ever growing chain around his headstone, and every year it has to be cut back. If the chain ever links together, the warlock will be released and doom humanity insert evil laugh here

1.       What were you doing before you started this? 

       Drinking coffee lol and running though the list of things I needed to do.

2.       Summer or Winter 


3.       Hugs or Kisses? 


4.       Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. 

      'They were in a tunnel, six feet wide and forty yards long, its rock walls lined with a series of recessed tubes providing illumination.' No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn

Take a peek at her book The Prophecy and enter the tour wide giveaway! If you have a question or game you'd like to play or submit, leave a comment and let us know about it!

The people of Shiloh, Virginia thought it was just a story. A legend to keep children from misbehaving. A challenge to prove you have courage. What they didn't know was that it was real. All of it was real.

When Starlette McKinley moved from the sparkling lights of LA to the sleepy town of Shiloh, she didn't know that she would be the catalyst. She didn't know that the rage and energy pulsing through her would be the key to unleashing an insurmountable power that would either be the saving of mankind, or its destruction.

The blood will run, and the prophecy will be revealed. But will she be able to overcome the insurmountable odds? Or will she succumb to the energy within, welcoming the darkness that has become her only friend.

The Prophecy (Divinity Stone)

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