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Interview with Author Nickie Seidler

Interview with author Nickie Seidler

Hi Nickie thank you so much for stopping by to chat with us!

1.)    You recently released your first book A Lucky Second Chance, tell us about it.
A Lucky Second Chance
A Lucky Second Chance is book that will keep you turning the pages. It touches on some strong subjects of abuse and love. So far it has 18 5 star reviews! I’m so proud of this book beyond words. I never thought I could finish this book and perfect to the vision I had but I did! I’m happy I’m getting so many people contact me and tell me that they loved it and it really was an emotional ride for them because it touched base close to home. I’m glad I can give people the positive outlook and encourage them to be strong. It’s a suspenseful romance you won’t want to miss!
2.)    If you weren’t writing what would you be doing with your life?
Honestly, I’d probably take up photography. I’ve always said for years and years that I should do it with my love for taking pictures. I hope to one day take a picture and use it for a cover of my book! It’s a far fetch idea though but its always in the back of my mind.
3.)    Hot alpha males love them or hate them?
I’m in between on this one. Yes, eye candy is great to look at but let’s be real here, not everyone marries the hottest guy on the planet. It’s what’s inside that counts and if they have the full package then that’s awesome too! My husband may not have a six pack but I love him to pieces and he’s my hot alpha male haha
4.)    Who are your top 5 favorite book couples in any order?
My all time favorite book is The Last Victim by Karen Robards. I was hooked instantly and can’t wait to read the second in the series. She’s a great writer and I hope to meet her some day!
Fifty Shades inspired me to write so I guess that needs to be on the list as well.
Loved Hunger Games
Now for some INDIE authors books I’ve read that I absolutely loved would be Taming the Bachelor, by MJ Carnal, Reaching out for you by S. Moose, Battlescars series by Sophie Monroe those are just a few believe me! I have lots of favorites!
5.)    One book you would love to see made into a movie?
Oh gosh I don’t even know! I’d probably have to say Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
6.)    Do you have a WIP (work in progress) that you would like to tell us about? 
My current wip in progress is A Tattered Love! I can’t wait to share this book with everyone because it’s so different then ALSC! I’m in love with this book and the characters! Here’s the synopsis: Riley Miller wants nothing more than to leave her past behind and never speak of it again. The damage of what’s happened has made her build walls to keep people out. Starting over isn't easy. After a move to Cape Cod to escape the dark and haunting secrets, she meets Abby and Evan, who instantly become her best friends. Riley is shy and quiet, trying to break out of her shell with her friend’s help. Just when life settles into a comfortable routine, Riley meets Evan's friend Dustin and life as she knows it will never be the same.
Looking for love is the last thing on Dustin’s to do list, if it’s even on there at all. Living with some pretty big secrets of his own, Dustin tries to keep from getting in too deep with anyone. But, he finds himself drawn to the timid but stunning Riley. Can they accept the past and develop a relationship? Or will the skeletons in their closet keep them from ever moving on?

7.)    You are deserted on an island who is the one person you would want to be there with you?
My husband! For sure
8.)    And finally boxers or briefs, which is sexier?
I think briefs are sexier but I prefer boxer briefs haha
 Author Bio
Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her first book "A Lucky Second Chance". She is currently writing her second book to be released fall 2013

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