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Interview with author Travis Casey

Interview with author Travis Casey

                                                                                                                                                           Hello Travis, thank you for stopping by and chatting with us!

Hi Glenna, thanks for asking me along and allowing me to share with your audience. 

 1.) You have published 2 books, Trouble Triangle and Oceans of Trouble. Tell us a bit about each story. 
Trouble Triangle is set in the early 1980's and is the story of a young man who enlists in the Navy to avoid a jail sentence. His first duty station is Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where he is besotted with two very different women. He is trapped in to relationships with both of them, but for very different reasons. 
Trouble Triangle (Tyler's Trouble Trilogy, #1)

 Oceans of Trouble is the sequel, however the books were written to stand alone. In OOT, Tyler goes aboard his Navy ship traveling the Western Pacific. He's just looking for a good time, but what he doesn't count on is his Commanding officer out to hang him for an illicit sexual affair and a shipmate who takes an instant dislike to him and makes his life a misery.
Oceans of Trouble

2.) I see that you were in the Navy, has this influenced your writing? And if so, in what way?
I spent nine years in the Navy and had a great time. I first wrote my Naval memoirs. Then, a critique partner told me a few home truths and said "Not many people are going to be interested in the memoirs of a nobody." Well, I had too much good material to throw away. So, I invented the character, Tyler Chambers, and figured he'd be good for a trilogy. I won't say what's fiction, not because I don't want to say what's made up, but because I don't want to admit to what's true. 3.) Tell us something that you love about being a writer and something you dislike about it.
I love creating characters. They take on their own personality. I get great satisfaction knowing I breathed life into them. I'm not so keen on the self-promotion. No one else is going to do it for you, so you have to take the bull by the horns and be a bit pushy to get your name out there. 
4.) Do you have a WIP (work in progress) that you want to share something about? (You can include a snippet if you like.)
Yes, I'm working on the finale of the trilogy. I've put Tyler through the ringer so far, so this one leans more toward the romance side. He's had a lot of disappointments so far. He likes his boss, a female officer, but a relationship with her would be against Navy regulations. They manage to get together while in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
I took off down the street with Darcy chasing me. I weaved around pedestrians while she stayed in pursuit. I ran down for a block, crossed the street, and ran into the KFC. Darcy followed me in and I turned around and grabbed her. She stood in my embrace, face to face, a mere inch separating us from touching noses. Her jasmine scent wafted up my nose. I held her tight and didn't let her escape. "We can have thighs here…" I jerked my head toward the hotel "…or, somewhere else if you like." She stayed fixated on me for several seconds, her breathing ragged. She moved closer, pressing herself against me. Much longer in that position and she would have felt me growing hard against her. "We better have them here, don’t you think? We don’t want to get into trouble." I moved my head closer until I felt the static electricity from her lips. "I happen to like trouble," I whispered. 
5.) What’s the strangest thing a character has said from any book you have read?
"No, I can't." To put it into context, it was a hot sex scene leading up to 'the moment.' The guy is fully aroused, and it was HIM who said no! Without a justifiable reason. I do think that sometimes female romance goes too far into fantasy. No guy is going to say 'no' at that point. Not in my books, anyway. 
 6.) Give us a one liner about your books to make us want to go read them right now. 
Trouble Triangle - A story of love, lust and blackmail - but who's doing what to whom? 
Oceans of Trouble - Going to sea is an escape from reality, unless reality comes with you. 
 7.) For fun if your series were to be made into a movie, movies, or a television series whom do you picture as Tyler? 
A young Tom Cruise 
 8.) If you could spend the day with any author from any decade living or dead, who would you, pick and what would you talk about? 
George Orwell. He had great insight as to how the governments of the future would act, and predicted it very accurately in my opinion. I'd like to know how he anticipated their intervention and invasion of privacy.
Author Bio
I was born and raised in Midwest America, then joined the Navy and went on world travels. I left the Navy in 1990 but traveling was well and truly in my blood by then. I've been to 45 States and 27 different countries. I settled in the South of England and 1992 and love it here. I began writing articles in 2006 on the website Helium.com I grew in confidence and wrote my memoirs in 2010, but then found a critiquing site which really helped me polish my work. A few blows to the ego, but it has been the most helpful thing I have done with regard to my writing. I plan to have my third novel out the winter of 2013, and will start immediately on the next one. I don't write a particular genre, but class myself as an author of light-hearted fiction.
To contact Travis or read his books follow these links:

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  1. Hey Glenna,
    Thanks for the spotlight. I apreciate the opportunity to talk a little bit about my writing.

    1. Travis, You are welcome. I enjoyed having you on, and I am looking forward to reading your work. I have Trouble Triangle on my kindle :)