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I'm with You Exclusive Excerpt

I'm with You  Coming Soon from author Glenna Maynard

I’m with You
Copyright © 2013 by Glenna Maynard
 New Adult College Romance intended for mature audiences, this is unedited and subject to change in the final release.
Today was one mind trip. This morning when I woke I planned on it being my last day. And now I am entered into a twisted deal with a stranger. But what a handsome stranger he is, but I shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like these when Harlan is waiting for me. I know where I need to go. I slip my chucks on and grab my umbrella. I make the three block walk to the town cemetery. Harlan is buried here somewhere, I haven’t been here before but I need to talk to him. I don’t trust myself at the falls.
I walk through the rows of the dead and I am slightly thankful that I’m not here, well not yet anyways. His grave is easy to spot, it is the one adorned in fresh flowers. There is a picture of him in his football jersey etched on the headstone. I trace my fingers over the letters of his name. Harlan Jones Rivers, born July 19, 1992, died August 12, 2012. I lay my head down on his grassy knoll.
“Damn you Harlan, why did you have to listen to me? I just need to you to tell me its okay. I’m sorry; I really want to be with you- I do. But something has happened. I met a boy today and for the first time since you left, he made me feel alive.” I squeeze my fingers against my temple willing him to answer me. “What do I do Harlan, I miss you, and I wanted so badly for us to be reunited, but now I made a deal with this boy. His name is Cutter, he wants me to make a list of everything I want to do before I die. He said if I completed my list in a years time that then he would let me do what I set out to do today. Talk to me Harlan.” I pound my fist against the ground. Why won’t he answer me, he calls to me all of the time? “Did you give up on me Harlan? Are you angry with me? I saw you watching me with him. Why were you there, what do you want from me?”
I feel a firm hand on my back. “I had a feeling you’d be here. Your Gram called me and said you canceled dinner on her yesterday, she is worried about you. I know this day is hard for you. How long have you been off of your medication?” Of course Gram called Dr. Peters, I sigh and get up from the dirt and grass.  I brush the grass from my dampened knees but it is of no use
“I take it daily.”
“Bella you don’t fool me. How long have you been hearing Harlan speaking to you?” When I don’t answer he continues speaking. “I don’t want to take you in, I know classes start soon. I want to see you succeed, but you have to take your medication Bella. It isn’t negotiable. Have you been having the hallucinations again?”
There isn’t much point in lying to him. “Alright you caught me, I have been off my meds for two months, and I feel fine. I’m not crazy Doc, I just miss him. Is it so wrong that I want to hear his voice so much that it hurts? There is an ache in my chest for him. It is like a tumor growing stronger and wider. It spreads through my veins like poison. Is that descriptive enough for you? There do I feel enough for you, go write that down in your notebook for your file on me. Do you know how much it hurts? To ache so deep that the darkness consumes you and fills you with a black poison. A poison that has embedded itself so far into my heart that I have to bleed it out, to make it stop. Some days I want to pray to God to make the pain stop, to take me from this hell on earth that is my life. But I gave up on him answering my prayers long ago. Besides I deserve to ache, to suffer, to wallow in my misery.”
“That’s the most honest you have been since you started coming to see me. I think you are making progress, but I want you to promise me that you will go home and take your medication. Do not make me regret not taking you in. As your care provider it is my responsibility to look after you.”
“I get it Doc don’t worry. I promise, I will take my meds.”
              “You better, this is your one get out of jail free card.” 

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