Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful Lover Sneek Peek

Beautiful Lover sneak peek
©2014 Glenna Maynard
Unedited and subject to change

Some think growing up in sin city is like a 24/7 party and they are right. My whole life has been nothing but a never ending party. A fantastic shit on Kingsley party-on the never ending road to shitville-that has been what my life has been like, even now, but before we get to the now let's rewind for a minute. Yeah this is one of those stories, so sit back and listen.

My whole life has been one huge clusterfuck. My real dad walked out when my brother and I were still in diapers. Our mother later remarried to the fuckstick-Charlie, who has never been much of a dad but he has always kept food in our mouths and clothes on our backs. Charlie is a bookie who is always taking bets he can't afford to pay out on. He fucks Peter to pay Mary and Paul.  The only man I have ever been able to depend on is my twin brother Kline.

Kline always ends up taking a fight to cover Charlie's ass. My brother is a bad ass who can hold his own in the octagon. He's an underground cage fighter with quite a reputation in Vegas. And as for me I dance at the Masquerade Club located in the Lucky 7 Casino.

In sin city everyone has a past and everyone has secrets-secrets they wish not to tell. Some secrets are best left unsaid, they say the truth will set you free but my truth is killing me...

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