Monday, January 6, 2014

Clearing the air about Beautiful Strangers and Jaxson Hayes

*warning this post contains spoilers* If you have not read Beautiful Strangers read no further....

I understand that a few of you are unhappy with the way Beautiful Strangers ended. I'm sorry that the story didn't end the way you pictured it and trust me I love Jaxson Hayes he is my favorite character. It was hard not to let him ride off into the sunset with Grace. I tried to give them their HEA I truly did, but every time I wrote the end with the two of them together it just didn't feel right. The masquerade series at first was going to be three books about Jax, Evan and Grace, book one was going to be a cliffhanger with Jaxson ending the book with his pov. The last line was "getting on this plane without Grace is the hardest thing I've ever done and lying to her about my vasectomy hurt even more." Y'all would have been sending me hate mail had I drawn out the plot into three books because in the end Grace would have ended up with Evan anyways. So I took you my readers into consideration and I made a choice to do the series differently and make each book about a different couple in a different city but all featuring the masquerade club.  Now that being said because I love Jaxson Hayes he has a spin off novella series of his own that follows him and Sadie. The first two are in Jaxson's pov and the third is in Sadie's. The first of his series is out now -Blackened Heart. The second Wicked Heart releases this month.  At the end of the day these are my characters and I have to standby them and listen to their voices. I hope those of you who love Jax just as much as I do will give his series a chance. Last of all I appreciate all of you who have purchased, read and reviewed my books whether you love them or hate them I thank you for your time and honesty.

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