Monday, March 2, 2015

☆●☆☆●☆Hotseat☆●☆☆●☆ Five questions with Tijan Meyer

I am super excited to have Tijan Meyer stopping by today! I haven't had an opportunity to read her work, but I am looking forward to it. I have a few of her titles on my kindle.  I have been following Tijan on Facebook for quite some time and she is so awesome!

About the author
New York times and USA Today Bestseller

I didn't begin writing until after undergraduate college. There'd been storylines and characters in my head all my life, but it came to a boiling point one day and I HAD to get them out of me. So the computer was booted up and I FINALLY felt it click. Writing is what I needed to do. After that, I had to teach myself how to write. I can't blame my teachers for not teaching me all those years in school. It was my fault. I was one of the students that was wishing I was anywhere but at school! So after that day, it took me lots of work until I was able to put together something that resembled a novel. I'm hoping I got it right since someone must be reading this profile! And I hope you keep enjoying my future stories. 

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For representation, please contact Jane Dystel from Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

☆●☆☆●☆Hotseat☆●☆☆●☆ Five questions

1. You are stranded on an get three items what do you bring? Laptop, coffee machine, and my phone. 
2.Name one song you could listen to everyday and never grow tired of it. Sail by AWOLNATION
3.If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be? Have fun and make memories! 
4.If you were a secret agent what would your codename be? Agent Get-Out-Of-My-Way! Haha!
5.What are you currently working on? I'm finishing up Sustain to go to the formatter and I'm writing Carter Reed 2 right now. 

Releasing March 2, 2015 

I had a simple life. 
I worked two jobs, made ends meet, and hung out with my mom and twin brother. The other part of my life was about avoiding him, but when SWAT raided my boyfriend’s home, that was the last straw. The boyfriend got tossed and to help me keep busy, my brother talked me into joining their old band again, but I had to be honest. It wasn’t a hard sell. Playing drums was in my blood. I used to be addicted and that craving hadn’t been satisfied in three long years. The only problem was their lead singer. 
It was HIM. 
The drums might not have been the only thing I was addicted to. I think I was still addicted to him too. 

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