Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Get Your Hands On Holden!

For those who have been waiting for Stealing Conleigh parts 1 & 2 to come to #Nook #iTunes and #Kobo the wait is over!
Part 1
Part 2
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She's my best friend's girl, but she's meant to be mine. 
Holden James is a thorn in my side. He's rude, conceited, and he's also my boyfriend's best friend. When Ezra suggested we move into together, I didn't know he meant the three of us. Two's company and three is a crowd, at least that is what I thought...until one night changes everything.
Conleigh Meyers is the last person I should want. She's my best friend's girl, therefore untouchable. At least she was...until one night ignited a fire in me that burns only for her. I try to stay away from her but it's impossible with her room across the hall from mine. There's only one thing I can do...let her go. That's the idea anyway. However, fate has other plans.

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