Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It all started with a smile

 I have sat here for some time trying to wrap my head around the death of Rick Genest aka Rico The Zombie or simply Zombie Boy. When my best friend messaged me to tell me of his passing I couldn't stop my tears as they fell steady as rain. I felt I had truly lost a friend. Rick was so special to me and I want to share how he touched me personally as both an artist and person.  I randomly came across a photo of him on the website Pinterest in the summer of 2015.  I was so taken in by his infectious smile.
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image and media copyright Rick Genest (no infringement intended)
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 It was almost hypnotizing. He had what I would call a perfect grin and his dimples were beautiful. For most he was a pioneer of body modification art or that guy from Lady Gaga's music video.  For  me he was my muse. His smile captured my attention and I was simply intrigued by his tattoos. A story idea came to me immediately and my idea for Beauty & The Biker was born. I couldn't get my ideas down fast enough for my dark modern twist on Beauty & The Beast. I have always been inspired by photos and the stories they have to tell. A picture truly does speak a thousand words.

What was even more crazy than the fact that I wrote the book in merely three weeks time was in my story I had written about Tristian my main character being sickly as a child, not knowing Rick's background at the time. When I read his story my mouth kinda hung open and I knew it was meant to be. He was my muse but more than that he was such a beautiful soul. I became entranced by this gorgeous tattooed man and when I watched an interview with him on YouTube I became smitten.
Rick had star power and charisma and he wasn't even trying, he was just being himself.  He was so humble and a great sense of humor. He had this ability to draw me in and make me think about life and the world. I thought about reaching out to him so many times and had always planned to send him my book, but put it off and now it is too late to take that chance to tell him he was a friend in my eyes even though we had never met. I knew he was a wonderful person with so much love and life to give the world.
He was an artist, a poet, a model, an idol...a muse and so much more to those that he touched worldwide. I hope he knew how special of a person he truly was and how many lives he touched just by being himself. I wish I could have met him and told him how he inspired me to be myself and that it was okay to be different and embrace the parts of ourselves that make us different or weird in the eyes of some.
So today in honor of his birthday and him I have made the book that his smile inspired me to write free for one day. Happy birthday, Rick. In the words of one of my favorite artist, Lana Del Ray,  from her song Woodstock In my Mind:
Maybe my contribution could be as small as hoping that words could turn to birds and birds would send my thoughts your way.

Listen to Woodstock In My Mind here YouTube
Read about Rick and his life here
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Please note that I am not using Rick as a way to promote my book. I simply wanted to share how he had touched my life and inspired me as a fellow artist. 


  1. He affected me like that. At first I heard he committed suicide and I wondered why was he so absorbed by death? As I continued to read about him I found that it was an accident and seeing his mischievous and sexy photos, I became enamored with his smile too. He lived life his way.

    David Bowie did that for me in high school during the 70s. I have terrible 3rd degree burn scars from an accident in 68 when I was 8. Everyone in grammar school knew me and it was no big deal. But entering a Catholic high school where we had to wear skirts, I was stared at and the rich girls covered their mouth while their eyes followed my legs. I became an oddity. I excelled in sports and it was taboo for a girl to play sports at that time. We heard "stud" and "jock" and rarely went on dates.

    During my freshman year I got a ride to school from a senior guy. He was into Bowie and played one of his 8-tracks every morning. David Bowie spoke to me. It was good to be different, we are the dreamers, the thinkers, the people who change the world no matter how we look. Rick Genest was one of us who dared to take the other road, to not fear what other people think. I love your sweet words about him. His smile was true. He is who inspires you. GO OUT AND SHINE!! ♥️✨

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your memories with me.

  2. Very pleasant and professional work!!!!