Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Get Your Hands On Holden!

For those who have been waiting for Stealing Conleigh parts 1 & 2 to come to #Nook #iTunes and #Kobo the wait is over!
Part 1
Part 2
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She's my best friend's girl, but she's meant to be mine. 
Holden James is a thorn in my side. He's rude, conceited, and he's also my boyfriend's best friend. When Ezra suggested we move into together, I didn't know he meant the three of us. Two's company and three is a crowd, at least that is what I thought...until one night changes everything.
Conleigh Meyers is the last person I should want. She's my best friend's girl, therefore untouchable. At least she was...until one night ignited a fire in me that burns only for her. I try to stay away from her but it's impossible with her room across the hall from mine. There's only one thing I can do...let her go. That's the idea anyway. However, fate has other plans.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Diary of Gypsy Red

Unedited and subject to change (C) 2014 Glenna Maynard all rights reserved. 
The Diary of Gypsy Red 
Black Rebel Riders' MC Book 10

My name is Kara Marie, better known to most as Gypsy Red. They say a dead woman can’t talk, but I beg to differ. A woman’s heart holds an ocean of secrets. I suppose I can share some of mine. This is my story—this is the diary of Gypsy Red… Do you dare to take a peek inside, to read the secrets that I keep?


Dear Diary,
I give these thoughts and memories to you. I give them to you to take my nightmares away. These are my secrets. My demons. My words I need to bleed out of me, before I go to my grave. I keep dreaming of dying. Death has stalked me since I was just a girl. Let’s start at the beginning. Well, as far back as I can recollect.
 “Daddy, do all little girls have a daddy as good as you?” I look up into the eyes that match my own in color. Smooth as whiskey, I had heard my momma call them once. They look so tired. No longer holding the vibrancy of his youth.
 He touched my cheek. His palms were soft but his fingers were rough. “Sweet pea. In a perfect world, all girls would have a dad like me, but we live in an imperfect world. We live around chaos, darkness, and despair.”  He kisses my cheek and pries my fingers from his large blood-stained hand.
“I don’t want you to go, daddy. You are the bestest daddy in the whole wide world, and if you go…who will chase the bad guys away?”
He sweeps his thumbs over my cheeks wiping away my tears replacing them with streaks of blood. The blood of my mother. Or was it mine or his. I can’t remember why there was so much blood.
Where am I?
Where is he going?
Why is he leaving me here?
“Go to sleep, Kara. When you awake, none of this will no longer matter. Daddy loves you, sweet pea…”
The sound of the beating of my heart on the monitor was the only sound. A single tear slipped down my cheek. A nurse came in and injected something to my IV. Once the medicine hit my veins, a slow burn crept up my arm.
“This will help with the pain. You need rest.” She came closer to my bed and tucking me in tight as a mother would do.
Shame I never have known what that is like. To have a good mother.
My own mother hated me. She tried to kill me when I was five. She said I was bad luck and that the only way to save me from myself was through death. My daddy—he disagreed, she paid the price. The night my mother tried to kill me father murdered her before my five year old eyes. My daddy was my hero. He was my blood stained knight.
And my daddy is gone, my hero, the only one who I could count on to save me, to protect me. He died a few years later in a car wreck. I should have died, but somehow, I made it with only a broken arm, a concussion, and some bruising to my face and chest from the impact of the air bag.
I drifted back into a torturous sleep where my memories haunted me…where they have always tormented me.
“It’s sick, the way you fuss over her. It isn’t normal. You’re her father. I’m your wife. I should be number one in your eyes.” I heard my mother’s shrill voice as I tossed and turned…
I woke to my neighbor; she seemed like such a nice person. Her husband was an associate of my father. However, my eyes quickly fluttered shut once more.
The memories come in pieces. Sometimes, I wonder if they really happened or of I dreamed them. 
“Kara, meet Winston, his family just moved in next door.” I looked up from where I was coloring in my Scooby Doo coloring book on the front porch. There was a young boy standing at the edge of the porch grinning at me. He had brown hair and when he opened his mouth there was a huge gap between his teeth; it made me laugh.
“Do you wanna’ color with me?” I offered. I didn’t have many friends, kids in the neighborhood all thought I was weird and we moved a lot, so I didn’t try too hard to make friends. My daddy called us gypsies—he said I was his Gypsy Red cause of my red hair and all. 
“Sure.” He climbed up on the porch sitting cross-legged across from me. My dad patted my head telling me to be nice, before going inside with our new neighbors.
 I held out my box of crayons.  He took the black and the red and drawing blood coming out of the kitten’s mouth in my other book. Blood freaked me out. Ever since my mom… I tensed up and a single tear trickled down my face.
The boy took his thumb and brushed my tear away.  “Don’t cry, Kara, you and I are going to be best friends,” Winston said like I was special.
My daddy always said I was special.
Winston Rush became my best friend, my only friend…he wouldn’t have it any other way and I was too scared of him not to be his. He was always doing stuff that he dared me to tell anyone about.
The memories are still fresh…the wounds still bleed. All of these thoughts, they swirl inside my head, making me beg to be dead. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Black Rebel Riders' MC Update

So I did a thing after some serious thought. I have given the ebook versions of BRRMC a new look, and before you ask why- my reason is because it is a business decision. The other covers will still be available in paperback and at this time I have no plans of changing them- they will continue in the original design they have now. So I will get right to it and show off the new covers below. These changes have not went into effect yet but will change over the next week. If you missed it in my newsletter, I have announced books 10 & 11 of the series (The Diary of Gypsy Red & The Devil's Rebel). At this time, book 11 may be the last rebel book, but I won't say that it is the last of them because they will appear in  The Born Sinners series and the Devil's Reject when it releases. I will know more about the future of the BRRMC once those books are closer to being complete. Rebel has a few kids with stories to tell so we shall see how it goes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the covers.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chasing Bailey

If you loved Stealing Conleigh  you will devour Chasing Bailey!

Wren James is a rock god but he’s also my best friend’s brother-in-law. I made a mistake and broke my one cardinal rule—don’t fall in love. I swore to myself that I would make it through college unattached. I promised myself he was just a good time, but I lied. 
Bailey Monroe will be the death of me. I’m Wren James, former lead singer of Bad Intentions. My face is on the cover of magazines. I could have any woman I want, but I had to fall for her. My brother warned me. Holden told me not to hurt her and I swore I wouldn’t, but I lied. I promised myself that I would never chase after a woman, but here I am Chasing Bailey…

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It's Live! Stealing Conleigh Part 2

The moment you have been waiting for is here!
Stealing Conleigh Part 2 is now available.

Stealing Conleigh : Part 2  (Stealing Love ) by [Maynard, Glenna]

☆★☆ New Release ★☆★

The conclusion is here.
Stealing Conleigh Part 2
Holden James is a thorn in my side. He’s rude, conceited, and he’s also my boyfriend’s best friend. When Ezra suggested we move into together, I didn’t know he meant the three of us. Two’s company and three is a crowd, at least that is what I thought…until one night changes everything.
Conleigh Meyers is the last person I should want. She’s my best friend’s girl, therefore untouchable. At least she was…until one night ignited a fire in me that burns only for her. I try to stay away from her but it’s impossible with her room across the hall from mine. There’s only one thing I can do…let her go. That’s the idea anyway. However, fate has other plans.

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Summer Sale!

Do you love my Black Rebel Riders' MC Series or  just coming along for the ride? Right now for a limited time, I am offering books 1-6  in an ebook set for the low price of $3.99, it is an amazing deal. If purchased separately you would pay over $25.00. So what are you waiting for take advantage of this steal of a price!

Are you ready to ride?
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The Black Rebel Riders' MC are a group of outlaws who live and die by their way of life. For them it has always been about moonshine, brotherhood, the ladies who drive them wild, and motorcycles.
Includes books 1-6 of the bestselling Black rebel Riders' MC Series.
Grim The beginning
Heart of a Rebel
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stealing Conleigh Part 2 Update

I know there are a few of you who have been messaging and emailing eager for part two of Stealing Conleigh.  Do I have a release date? No. I don't want to set one in stone then not have it done in time.  Some of you are aware that I recently lost my precious furbaby, Bo. His loss has taken a  great toll on me. I have hard a very hard time sitting at my desk and trying to write without him at my feet.  I am coping with my grief and can finally say I am moving forward on my current works in progress and I hope to finish part 2 in the upcoming weeks. 
I want to thank you for all the support you guys have shown me and for being understanding. Bo was like one of my own children to me, but he was also my best friend and by my side through some very trying times in my life. Anyway, life must go on and I can't wait to get this book into your hands. That said, how about a little excerpt from part 2 to hold you over. 
This is unedited and subject to change. (C) 2017 All rights reserved. 

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Stealing Conleigh Part 2 excerpt 
"One day, very soon, you're going to run out of excuses. You're gonna ache for me as I ache for you. It's gonna hurt so damn bad, sweetheart. You'll be throbbing between your legs, remembering the way it felt when I rolled those goddamned socks down to your toes and ran my tongue up to that sweet part between your thighs. You'll remember the way I looked into your eyes, knowing you fucked up."

"Holden, please..."

"No, we're past pleases and thank yous." His eyes are as cold and dark as his tone. Before I know what's happening, he grabs me between my legs. "I bet you're soaked right now."


"You what?"  He moves his hand ever so slightly and I quiver.  With his other hand, he presses the pad of his thumb between the part in my lips, as I struggle for words, gasping, desperately for the breath he has stolen.

Coming soon!