Suggested Reading Order

If you are new to me or even if you aren't, my biker books do crossover and take place in the same world (excluding my & the biker fantasy books they take place in a different world).  The following list is to help you read my MC books in the right order for best enjoyment.

Please note that my series are a saga that covers over more than forty years and though the series' are all separate the main story ARC is all connected.

BRRMC = Black Rebel Riders' MC
DRMC = Devils Rejects MC
BRDMC = Black Rebel Devils MC
BRRMC RHT = Black Rebel Riders' MC Roadhouse Tales
Your ride starts here:

Grim The Beginning BRRMC 1 
Rumor  BRRMC 2 
Baby BRRMC 3 
Striker BRRMC 4 
Romeo BRRMC 5
Heart of a Rebel  BRRMC 6 
A Rebel Love BRRMC 7 
A Rebel In The Roses  BRRMC 8
Born Sinner (standalone)  
Blood of A Rebel BRRMC 9 
The Devil's Rebel  BRRMC 10
Hades' Flame DRMC 1 
Boogeyman's Dream DRMC 2
Reaper's Till Death DRMC 3 
Cupid's Arrow DRMC 4
Uno's Truth DRMC  5
Cocky's Truth DRMC 6 
 Moonshine & Mistletoe BRDMC 1
Devil Dick BRRMC RHT 1
 Guns & Roses BRDMC 2
Pecker Wrecker BRRMC RHT 2
Cock Blocker RHT 3
Sassy Pants RHT 4
Sex & Cigarettes BRDMC 
Honey Trapped RHT 5
Ball Buster RHT 6
These Deadly Vows BRRMC Chicago 1 
These hollow Kisses BRRMC Chicago2 

Individual series order
Black Rebel Riders MC 
1 Grim The Beginning
2 Rumor
3 Baby
4 Striker
5 Romeo
6 Heart of A Rebel
7 A Rebel Love
8 A Rebel In The Roses
9  Blood of A Rebel
10 The Devil's Rebel

Devils Rejects MC 
1 Hades' Flame
2 Boogeyman's Dream
3 Reaper's Till Death
4 Cupid's Arrow
5 Uno's Truth
6 Cocky's Fight

BRRMC Roadhouse Tales
1 Devil Dick
2 Pecker Wrecker
3 Cock Blocker
4 Sassy Pants
5 Honey Trapped
6 Ball Buster  

Black Rebel Devils MC 
1 Moonshine & Mistletoe
2 Guns & Roses
3 Sex & Cigarettes

BRRMC Chicago
These Deadly Vows 
These Hollow Kisses