Monday, June 27, 2022

Midyear Publishing Review

 Here's a 2022 roundup of what I've released and what's to come. 

So if you've missed something now is the time to catch up! 

The Biker's Cherry


I’m a prospect. The low man in the hierarchy of my club.

There’s nothing I want more than being a Royal Bastard but her. Kimber is off limits. Too damn young and wild for a man like me. I try to keep my distance, but no matter where I turn, there she is. Alluring and forbidden. One temptation I’m not sure I can resist. When she calls me in distress, I don’t hesitate to answer even if doing so may cost me everything. Including my life.


I know I shouldn’t pine after Navarro. He’s a prospect for my Uncle Link’s MC. A man who will break my heart. I know men like him only want one thing. Only the harder he pushes me away, the more determined I am to make him mine. In the pursuit of happiness, I make a mistake with deadly consequences.

Will Nav forgive me, or will I destroy the one man with the power to save me?

The Biker’s Cherry is book 8 of Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV

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Ball Buster 

When an unexpected phone call sends me to Drag Creek, Kentucky the last thing I expect is to inherit half of a bar. The other half belongs to a biker named Solo.
A jerk who loves to argue with me.
He’s rude, crude, and annoyingly handsome.
I have a week to decide if I want to marry him or give up my inheritance.
A week to fall in love with the possibility of a new beginning.
The more I get to know about Solo the harder it becomes to walk away even though I know I should run fast and hard from a man like him.
Vada Vanlow is a ball busting bitch.
The woman drives me crazy.
She wants to turn my biker bar into a family friendly restaurant.
What should be an easy partnership quickly turns into more than either of us bargained for.
If I want to keep my half of the business there’s a catch. Marry Vada or lose it all.
Ball Buster is a quick to the point BRRMC Roadhouse Tale and can be read as a standalone.

Claiming The Biker 


A war is on the horizon. I’m no stranger to fighting.

Loyalty and respect are codes I live and die by.

My club means everything to me.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine.

The life we’ve built and the freedom we crave.

And her.

Especially Andrea.

I’ve watched her from afar.

A beauty in need of saving.

A woman I ache to behold.

When an enemy threatens to tarnish her beautiful soul, the beast inside me awakens.

For her...I’ll fight till death.


I can't stop thinking about him.

A biker I should stay far away from. An outlaw who lives outside of the law that sets my soul on fire. Claiming him for myself was never part of the plan. He’s got a hold on me. The more I deny my feelings the stronger they grow.

I’m fighting a losing battle, but nothing is ever fair in love and war.

Claiming The Biker is book Nine of the Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV chapter. Though able to be read as a standalone, for best enjoyment this series should be read in order.

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The Biker's Baby

Trouble always finds me or more like I find it. I did a bad thing and two people paid the price. I have nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run to except Charleston, WV. I run fast and hard into the arms of a man who thinks he can save me. I was born bad, and I’ll die that way too, but Hound sees the good in me. The woman he thinks I can be. He’s determined to bind me to him in every way possible. Stopping at nothing to make me his including getting me pregnant on purpose.
I knew Karma was meant to be my Ol’ Lady the moment I met her. She’s wild and fearless. The kind of woman you’ll move heaven and hell to protect and claim for your own. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. I won’t stop until I see my ink on her skin, my ring on her finger, and her belly swollen with my child.
The Biker’s Baby is a standalone Royal Bastards MC Charleston, WV story that crosses over with Royal Harlots MC Wilmington, NC.
However, for best enjoyment this series should be read in order.

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I was set up.
Served time for a crime I didn’t commit.
The woman I love believed the worst in me, but I won’t let her go.
Not without a fight.
Freya’s always been my girl.
I’ll move Heaven and Hell to prove to her that we belong together.
No one will stand in my way.
My boyfriend’s back after serving three years in prison.
His betrayal nearly broke me, but I moved on.
Found a better man.
One I want a future with.
Except he has a past that refuses to let him go.
I’m at a crossroad. Torn between what I want and what’s right.
It’s not only my heart that is on the line.
Nothing is fair in love and war.
Fisher’s Return is book 2 of Birds of Hell MC. Books in this series must be read in order.
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Preorder Loving The Biker 

Save the date.
Loving the Biker is book 11 of Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV series.
Bianca put Sandman under her spell. This December they say I do.
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