Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Rebel Love

Black Rebel Riders' MC #7 A Rebel Love is coming your way soon. Below you will find the Blurb, cover, teasers and an excerpt. 


This is Tread’s story and how he found A Rebel Love.
Brotherhood, respect and loyalty…Marc ‘Tread’ Adams has those things. Nights of meaningless sex, he has those too. The one thing Tread doesn’t have is love—love doesn’t exist in his life. He wants that ride or die love. He’s searching for that can’t eat, can’t sleep love. The parties, the girls, the empty bottles—they have meant nothing to him. Maybe he is looking in the wrong places, seeing the wrong faces and traveling the wrong roads.

Christa ‘Buttercup’ Franklin fell in love with a boy who grew into a man she swore to hate. Nothing good would ever come from The Black Rebel Riders’ MC in her eyes. As far as she was concerned, everything they touched turned to shit.  However, things change and so do people. What will Christa do when she has to depend on the man she swore she’d never love to save her brother?

Grady ‘Truth’ Williams has always been content with the life he leads, but Truth has never been in love until now. He craves someone he shouldn’t harbor feelings for. Lines become blurred between brotherhood and desire, creating an internal war he isn’t ready to fight.

Amy ‘Peaches’ Mathers is a club girl, so why should she feel she is any different from the rest.  She has always been told you get what you give, but she never intended to fall in love with a patched brother, especially one who is in love with another.  Amy has a choice to make…she can run from her feelings or fight with everything she has to claim the man who has stolen her heart.

The Black Rebel Riders’ Series continues to ride free or die trying. Are you ready to ride?
**This book contains M/F/M situations*** And also contains a bonus POV from a favorite character or characters.


(c) 2015 Glenna Maynard All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1
“Yo, Amy!” Roberta yells my name as she comes back in from her smoke break. “Your tall, dark and sexy is waiting outside on his Harley. Damn, if I was twenty years younger. What I wouldn’t give for a ride.” She shakes her head. Her salt ‘n pepper gray hair falls out of the poorly secured bun she had it in.
“I can ask him to take you down the street and back. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” I offer. Truth is a sweetheart.
“Darling that’s cute, but I didn’t mean the bike.” She winks and starts counting out my drawer for the night.  I giggle and blush. Roberta is a crazy bitch and I love her dearly. I couldn’t make it through this crap job at the gas station without her.
I make some money on the side being a club girl at the Roadhouse, but not enough to get me out of this dead-end wasteland. The guys at the club treat me right though. I spend most of my time with Grady, or as most know him Truth. He treats me real nice. Always picks me up from work anytime I ask. Never questions anything I ask, ever. He’s my best friend and I am his number one fuck.
“You’re crazy,” I tease and laugh. I can’t wait to tell Truth about his admirer.
“Why do you think Cal likes me so damn much? I keep him on his toes. I could teach you a thing or two that’d have your biker boy out there begging for a taste.”
“I think I’ll be alright.” I try damn hard not to even begin to imagine what she is suggesting. “Am I good to go?”
“Yeah baby everything looks good. Now go fuck that sexy thing and come back tomorrow and tell me all about it,” she says not even bothering to look up as she finishes banding the twenties and fifties for the moneybag.
If she only knew the things I do with Truth and his friend Tread. I could make Roberta blush and that is saying something. 

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