Friday, March 15, 2019

Jameson's Addiction

 I have a new RockStar book coming soon! Jameson's Addiction is a standalone second chance romance.
Check it out.

Notorious bad boy of Rock n’ Roll Jameson Lewis is returning home to his roots after five years of touring and recording. When offered a chance to judge an upcoming reality talent show, he can’t say no. There’s just one problem—Peyton Mathews. The girl he left behind. His one regret and favorite addiction. 

Peyton has always dreamed of making it big in the music industry but after the boy she loved shattered her heart she gave up that fantasy. When a second chance at stardom lands in her lap she can’t say no. However, fame comes at a price— the boy who broke her heart is now a man sitting in the judge’s chair and this time he’s playing for keeps.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Zombies and Bikers Oh My! Post Apocalyptic Books You Should Be Reading.

Are you ready for the apocalypse? Dark Paradise drops on your e-readers February 14th!
I know dystopian is new for me but I hope you will take a chance and trust me. You have never read a story like this one before.
Black Hearts has disbanded but some of the others are releasing their stories as well. You should check them out too!

Image may contain: 1 person
If I had to choose anyone to be my zombie apocalypse survival buddy, I’d choose him. 

The world has gone to shit and the zombie apocalypse is now responsible for wiping out humanity.

One girl believes she's all alone and the world's last hope for survival . . .

but is she the key, a threat, or something else entirely?

*** Book 1 of a new series, contains mature content ***
This is part one of the Post Apocalyptic Novella Series.

Through tragedy comes love.
Dominic Sinclair doesn’t believe in that, he doesn’t believe in much of anything anymore. All he is trying to do is keep his town and himself alive while the zombie apocalypse burns the world down.
Though a black-haired angel in disguise has other plans.
Who will be left hanging in the balance? 
Coming Soon!
Love Row 
Brandi Aga 
Love was our weapon; too bad it couldn’t save us.

I never pictured myself wandering our abandoned town with my husband, striving for another day, let alone with Him, too. He’s haunted, lost. The moment he walked into our lives, I made a promise to never let him go and now I can’t. I won’t. They say things happen in threes. Sickness, evil, death. We thought we’d beat it all—we thought wrong. 
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Nicole Banks

Coming late summer 2019

You can’t destroy what you do not understand—for we are the cure.

Sol’s been locked in a system that left her people broken and hungry, while the pockets of others only got fatter.

It came as no surprise when the powers that be poisoned their waters, thinking they could snuff their kind out of existence without consequence. Little did they know it would only breed a different type of hunger among Sol and her people. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Devils Rejects MC has a new look!

We all know I have a cover addiction. As much as I love the originals, which will remain the paperback covers at this time, (I know some of you are still collecting your sets) I had to go with my instincts and update the ebook covers. The stories haven't changed but they do have a fresh look that I think really suits the series better. So *insert drum roll*

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Throw Away That List of Don'ts

I may lose friends for this post but as I sit here drinking a Dr. Pepper at six in the morning I am asking myself are those the friends I want to surround myself with? Probably not. Who am I talking about? The know it all judgmental assholes who think they are the end all be all of writing and publishing.  I have been guilty of doing it myself at times. I judge books based on their covers. I love covers. They are my first impression of a book. It doesn't make me a bad person, just an honest one. 
Am I talking about one individual no I am talking about hundreds of people. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, you don't have to agree with me to be my friend. I will repeat you don't have to agree with me to be my friend. All I ask is you show me the same respect I give you.

What am I even talking about you ask?  Every single day that I get on my social media accounts I see people telling others what not to do when it comes to writing and releasing a book. Sure there is some great advice. Like don't steal images off Google and Pinterest and try to use them as your own. Copyright is important but that is not what this post is about.

Let's talk about craft and voice. I see the comments in almost every writer group I am in: I won't touch a book written in first person present tense and I laugh when I see those comments because, I write first person present, but I also write in first past and third. You know why? Because some stories demand to be written in a certain tense or point of view. I don't earn the big dollars but I do earn a living and support a family of four with my writing.  It isn't easy and I work harder than I ever have in my life because I am getting to do what I love. Write your story however it speaks to you.

Don't use improper grammar.
Don't use that name.
Don't write cliffhangers.
Don't design in PicMonkey.
Don't format in Word.

 Why the fuck not?  Again, why the fuck not?

Grammar rules were meant to be broken. The key is to know the rules and when to break them. When I first began writing I was terrible. I unpublished my first seven book because the stories  while they were enjoyable they were not well written. I now think of them as practice books. They are not what I want to be reader's first impressions of me but at the same time those books are great example of how far I have come and how much I have grown as a writer.

Character names. Unless you are trying to use the name Harry Potter or something else that is trademark protected you are good to go. I'm not saying go out and name your hero Kellan Kyle or Christian Grey but if you want to name him Kellan Grey do it up. Hmm...I kinda like that...anyway back on track to what I am going on about.

Cover design. If you can hire a professional cover artist fantastic, if not it is not the end of the world. Photoshop is the number one graphic design program, but let's be real it is hella hard to learn if you are not familiar with it. Using an alternative program like PicMonkey does not mean your cover is awful despite what others may say. PicMonkey is user friendly. There are other programs out there like Gimp that are okay too. Just make sure that you are saving a high resolution photo. I make sure mine are 300 dpi for print quality. I have used all three. Yes, I design my covers. I love doing it. I think they look fantastic and they get compliments all the time. Again, I support my family of four  and some of my bestselling books have a cover that had some design elements done on PicMonkey. I often flip between it and Photoshop depending on what I am doing. Fight me.

Vellum, I am sure is a great program. I haven't used it because I am a PC girl. I love my desktop. I have used Microsoft Word to format every book I have written both in paperback and ebook form. I also use my word docx. to upload to retailers. They convert the file to an epub, mobi, or pdf for me and I use Calibre if I need to make a certain file type myself. It is a fantastic and free to use program. I am not saying one is better than the other. You can also use Scrivener too.

Take that don't list people keep shoving down your throat and smash the shit out of it. Write what you want to write how you want to. My dont's are simple.
Don't be a dick.
Don't steal.
Don't let critics dictate how you create your art.
I am sure I have more but  get out there and write for you or to show all those don't people you smashed the shit out of their list.

Be happy. Life is short. Surround yourself with good people who will give you good advice but also lift you up with encouragement.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Moonshine & Mistletoe

Moonshine & Mistletoe is coming your way soon!

A Black Rebel Riders’ MC Novella
Your favorite badass bikers are back.
Join the Black Rebel Riders’ MC for a Christmas to remember.
Axel Black is set to leave Drag Creek and everyone there behind after being dumped by his girlfriend. He knows ending the relationship was for the best. A new life is waiting for him in Texas. This is his chance to prove to his father that he has what it takes to be a leader. Falling for a gorgeous stranger is the last thing Axel needs.  Ainsley is a distraction he can’t afford, so after a one night stand he’s shocked to see her again. He’s sworn of relationships but when there is moonshine and mistletoe involved anything is possible—like falling into bed with the cartel.

Moonshine & Mistletoe reads as book 11 of my Black Rebel Riders' MC series and takes place timeline wise after Uno's Truth book 5 of my Devil's Rejects MC and crosses over with Cocky's Fight book 6 of my Devils Rejects MC. You can find the complete reading order for both series at the top of the page by clicking suggested reading order. There is no set release date but this will come out before Christmas. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Uno's Truth is live Devils Rejects MC 5

Surprise! Uno's Truth is live early. The wait is over for book 5 of my Devils Rejects MC. I don't know if you are prepared for the mind fucks I bring you with this story but trust me you don't want to miss them either.  The twists and turns will have you ready to throw your e-reader. I am so excited to share this story with ya'll and it is leading up to some big things that involve the return of my Black Rebel Riders' MC. I will officially announce how these two series will come together at the end of Cocky's Fight book 6 of my Devils Rejects MC.
I have another awesome announcement for ya'll below too!
Uno's Truth 
Will the truth set him free?
The past is a bitch to escape. No matter how hard I try to move forward, I wind up taking two steps back. The memories that haunt me…the secrets that hang over my head…if revealed could put me straight in the ground. All I want is a family of my own but the things I’ve done can’t be forgiven.
Revenge, that was our agreement. I married a man I shouldn’t have with a heavy heart. We both made promises we can’t keep. The lies we’ve told and the games we’ve played are deadly. I want out, but I know too much. Neither of us are getting out of this deal alive. It’s either him or me and I choose me.
I fell in love with a monster and came to Webb Hollow looking for a new beginning. I can see a future with Uno. It’s mine for the taking, all I have to do is say yes to being his woman on the side. I’ve been the other woman before. I loved, and I lost. This time will be different.
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Coming Valentine's Day 2019 
 Black Hearts AN AZ World Anthology 
Recommended Reads! 
Diesel by Jordan Marie

Renegade Sons by Dawn Martens and Emily Minton