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Welcome to the Royal Bastards where loyalty is King and Code is the only way to survive. This club is not for the weak-minded or easily disturbed. These 1%ers are vicious, ride hard, and love raw. Our stories are dark, cold-blooded, and created to trigger the best of you.

If you dare travel down our dark twisted roads, hold on tight!

The Biker’s Kiss

One kiss is all it takes to bring him to his knees and have him asking for forever.

Roane Connors doesn’t do relationships. He’s been burned before and isn’t looking to repeat past mistakes. All he needs is a warm body in his bed for the night. Someone to ring in the new year with. Julie Wilson ticks all his boxes. She’s back in town, hot, and single. When the clock strikes midnight one kiss ignites a spark this royal bastard’s not ready for.

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Lady & the Biker

She’s an angel thrust into the chaos of the devil’s playground.

I’m a Royal Bastard who doesn’t deserve her. She’s too young for me. Too pure and too good. I’m going to ruin her and break her heart. I know it and she knows it and yet neither of us can stay away.  I watched Wylla Mae transform from a girl into a lady. She’s forbidden and tempting with her soft curves and big doe eyes. Everything I crave and all that I deny myself until a moment of weakness forces me to break.

An enemy is on the move and when he sets his sights on her, all bets are off. I’ll move heaven and hell to keep her safe in my arms.

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Tempting The Biker

He's married and twice my age, but I can't walk away.

We were never supposed to happen. Alexa’s my daughter’s best friend. I’m a married man. I’m too old for her, but stolen glances turn into more than either of us are prepared for. I’ve made promises I can’t keep. I’m the Prez of Royal Bastards MC. I’m not supposed to be tempted by her innocence.  My head swears that I don’t love her, but my heart won’t let go. 
Murder’s married. Off Limits. But I want him. He’s a powerful man. Untouchable and unbreakable. I’ll be his dirty little secret. No one has to know.  We’re playing a dangerous game. A deadly one that will leave me with a broken heart or worse, but I’ll do anything to prove to him that what we share is a ride or die love. And for Murder, I’m willing to risk it all.  

Tempting The Biker is part of the Royal Bastards MC world.
Recommended reading order for best enjoyment within the Charleston, WV Chapter: 
The Biker’s Kiss
Lady & The Biker 
Tempting The Biker

Available October 20, 2020

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Keeping The Biker

Save the date. You're invited to attend the wedding of Alexa and Murder, Royal Bastards MC style.

They said we'd never last. He was a married man. Off limits.

Now after all these years Murder is mine till death do us part.  I'll do anything to keep my motorcycle man. For him I risked it all and now comes the reward. His ink branded on my skin and his ring on my finger. Today is the first day of our forever.   

Please note for best enjoyment the Charleston, WV Royal Bastards MC books should be read in order of release.

Releasing February, 12, 2021 Pre-order



PROTECT: The club and your brothers come before anything else and must be protected at all costs. CLUB is FAMILY.


RESPECT: Earn it & Give it. Respect club law. Respect the patch. Respect your brothers. Disrespect a member and there will be hell to pay.


HONOR: Being patched in is an honor, not a right. Your colors are sacred, not to be left alone, and NEVER let them touch the ground.


OL’ LADIES: Never disrespect a member’s or brother’s Ol’ Lady. PERIOD.




LOYALTY: Takes precedence overall, including well-being.


HONESTY: Never LIE, CHEAT, or STEAL from another member or the club.


TERRITORY: You are to respect your brother’s property and follow their Chapter’s club rules.


TRUST: Years to earn it...seconds to lose it.


NEVER RIDE OFF: Brothers do not abandon their family.

☠️CLUB MEMBERS & Release Schedule☠️

Erin M Trejo: 1/7/2020
Chelle C. Craze * Eli Abbott: 1/14/2020
K Author K Webster: 1/21/2020
Esther E. Schmidt: 1/28/2020
Elizabeth Knox : 2/4/2020
Glenna Maynard: 2/11/2020
Madison Faye: 2/18/2020
CM Chris Genovese: 2/25/2020
J. Lynn Jamie Lombard: 3/3/2020
Crimson Cruz Syn: 3/10/2020
B.b. Blaque: 3/17/2020
Addison Jane: 3/24/2020
Izzy Sweet * Sean Moriarty: 3/31/2020
Nikki Landis Author: 4/7/2020
KL Ramsey: 4/14/2020
M Merin Book: 4/21/2020
Sapphire Knight: 4/28/2020
Bink Cummings: 5/5/2020
Winter Travers: 5/12/2020
Linny Lawless: 5/19/2020
Jax Hart: 5/26/2020
Elle Boon: 6/2/2020
Kristine Allen : 6/9/2020
Ker Dukey : 6/16/2020
K E Osborn 6/23/2020
Shannon Youngblood: 6/30/2020

Round 2
EC Land 7/7/2020
Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbot 7/14/2020
Scarlett Black 7/21/2020
Elizabeth Knox 7/28/2020
J.L. Leslie 8/4/2020
Deja Voss 8/11/2020
Khloe Wren 8/18/2020
Misty Walker 8/25/2020
J. Lynn Lombard 9/1/2020
Ker Dukey 8/8/2020
Crimson Syn 9/15/2020
M. Merin 9/22/2020
Elle Boon 9/29/2020
Rae B. Lake 10/6/2020
K Webster 10/13/2020
Glenna Maynard 10/20/2020
K.L. Ramsey 10/27/2020
Kristine Allen 11/3/2020
Nikki Landis 11/10/2020
KE Osborn 11/17/2020
CM Genovese 11/24/2020
Nicole James 12/1/2020
Shannon Youngblood 12/8/2020
Erin Trejo 12/15/2020
Winter Travers 12/22/2020
Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty 12/29/2020
Jax Hart 1/5/2021

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