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Black Rebel News

So I know it has been a while since I updated you guys on what is happening with the second generation of my Black Rebel Riders' MC Series. I have gotten a few questions regarding release dates and what the future looks like for the series.
I really wanted to get A Rebel Love released back in August but life had other plans for me as well as the voices in my head. Without getting into spoiler territory for those who follow me but haven't read the series yet, I will keep this as brief as I can. 
Book 7, which is A Rebel Love still needs to be read in order with the rest of the series to follow the Story ARC. This book is Tread and Truth's story, but also has POV scenes told from some favorites from previous books. Hence the needing to read in order.  
I will also be introducing new characters whom I hope you will love as much as the rest of my rebels. 
Colt/Cole will have a book and I do still have The Diary of Gypsy Red in the works. 
I don't have release dates as of now. I know that sucks. I hate not having a plan set in stone, but I really want to do this series justice and hope you understand that I am taking my time with them to take you on the best ride I can give. 
I know I have some other titles I have announced. I am still working on those too. I will not be announcing any future books until they are ready to publish. I get so excited and eager to share what I am working on with you, but sometimes I get blocked and I can't push past it, or life happens and I fall behind. I hate leaving you guessing when it will release. 
That said, I do plan to release the titles I have announced prior to this post. They will come out in 2016/2017. I am not sure if I will have another release this year, but I am writing daily. 
If you haven't already you can join my reader group on Facebook, just search Glenna's Rebels to find us. 


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The Next Great Read Book Reviews: Beauty & The Biker

The Next Great Read Book Reviews: Beauty & The Biker: Beauty & The Biker by Glenna Maynard Wow! No doubt I am a huge fan of Glenna Maynard's work, I have not read a book by her that w...

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Beauty & The Biker A Dark Fairytale Signed Paperback Contest

Have you read my latest release Beauty & The Biker A Dark Fairytale? The books is a dark, modern twist on Beauty & The Beast. How would you like to win a signed copy?  Continue reading this post to find out how to win it! 

Beauty & The Biker : A Dark Fairytale

Glenna Maynard 


Tristian Vandacamp wants nothing more than for Isabella to remember the past they once shared. 

"She can't remember and I can't forget." ~Tristian 

Isabella Perez wants nothing more than to survive paying the debt owed by her father to a notorious biker. 

"He is my captor and I am his pet. I’m the beauty and he’s the beast. My father made a deal with the devil and now it is up to me to pay his dues." ~Isabella 

This is a standalone dark novel

He is a beast from hell. The monster you were warned about as child. The kind of vile creature, who thrives on fear, lurking in the shadows of your closet and hiding under your bed. He is the kind of man who will take a man’s daughter and use her against him.

But what is a woman to do when she is no longer a child and can’t call out for her daddy to make the bad man go away. I’m an adult and the monster now sleeps in the room next to mine, and a seriously messed up part of me wants him sleeping in my bed beside me. 

About The Author:

Glenna Maynard is a Kentucky native with a passion for romance best known for her bestselling romantic suspense novel I'm with You and The Black Rebel Riders' MC series. When she isn't arguing with the voices in her head or drinking reader tears, she enjoys watching classic TV shows with her two children and longtime leading man.

Buy Links:
Universal Link 

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Cheekypee reads and reviews: Beauty & The Biker - new release

Cheekypee reads and reviews: Beauty & The Biker - new release: NEW RELEASE Beauty & The Biker : A Dark Fairytale Glenna Maynard   Blurb:   Tristian Vandacamp wants nothing more than for Isabella to r...

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Beauty & The Biker

Cover and Blurb reveal for Beauty & The Biker 

Tristian Vandacamp wants nothing more than for Isabella to remember the past they once shared.
Isabella Perez wants nothing more than to survive paying the debt owed by her father to a notorious biker.
"He is my captor and I am his pet. I’m the beauty and he’s the beast. My father made a deal with the devil and now it is up to me to pay his dues." ~Isabella
This is a standalone dark novel containing erotic themes


Coming Soon!

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A Rebel Love

Black Rebel Riders' MC #7 A Rebel Love is coming your way soon. Below you will find the Blurb, cover, teasers and an excerpt. 


This is Tread’s story and how he found A Rebel Love.
Brotherhood, respect and loyalty…Marc ‘Tread’ Adams has those things. Nights of meaningless sex, he has those too. The one thing Tread doesn’t have is love—love doesn’t exist in his life. He wants that ride or die love. He’s searching for that can’t eat, can’t sleep love. The parties, the girls, the empty bottles—they have meant nothing to him. Maybe he is looking in the wrong places, seeing the wrong faces and traveling the wrong roads.

Christa ‘Buttercup’ Franklin fell in love with a boy who grew into a man she swore to hate. Nothing good would ever come from The Black Rebel Riders’ MC in her eyes. As far as she was concerned, everything they touched turned to shit.  However, things change and so do people. What will Christa do when she has to depend on the man she swore she’d never love to save her brother?

Grady ‘Truth’ Williams has always been content with the life he leads, but Truth has never been in love until now. He craves someone he shouldn’t harbor feelings for. Lines become blurred between brotherhood and desire, creating an internal war he isn’t ready to fight.

Amy ‘Peaches’ Mathers is a club girl, so why should she feel she is any different from the rest.  She has always been told you get what you give, but she never intended to fall in love with a patched brother, especially one who is in love with another.  Amy has a choice to make…she can run from her feelings or fight with everything she has to claim the man who has stolen her heart.

The Black Rebel Riders’ Series continues to ride free or die trying. Are you ready to ride?
**This book contains M/F/M situations*** And also contains a bonus POV from a favorite character or characters.


(c) 2015 Glenna Maynard All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1
“Yo, Amy!” Roberta yells my name as she comes back in from her smoke break. “Your tall, dark and sexy is waiting outside on his Harley. Damn, if I was twenty years younger. What I wouldn’t give for a ride.” She shakes her head. Her salt ‘n pepper gray hair falls out of the poorly secured bun she had it in.
“I can ask him to take you down the street and back. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” I offer. Truth is a sweetheart.
“Darling that’s cute, but I didn’t mean the bike.” She winks and starts counting out my drawer for the night.  I giggle and blush. Roberta is a crazy bitch and I love her dearly. I couldn’t make it through this crap job at the gas station without her.
I make some money on the side being a club girl at the Roadhouse, but not enough to get me out of this dead-end wasteland. The guys at the club treat me right though. I spend most of my time with Grady, or as most know him Truth. He treats me real nice. Always picks me up from work anytime I ask. Never questions anything I ask, ever. He’s my best friend and I am his number one fuck.
“You’re crazy,” I tease and laugh. I can’t wait to tell Truth about his admirer.
“Why do you think Cal likes me so damn much? I keep him on his toes. I could teach you a thing or two that’d have your biker boy out there begging for a taste.”
“I think I’ll be alright.” I try damn hard not to even begin to imagine what she is suggesting. “Am I good to go?”
“Yeah baby everything looks good. Now go fuck that sexy thing and come back tomorrow and tell me all about it,” she says not even bothering to look up as she finishes banding the twenties and fifties for the moneybag.
If she only knew the things I do with Truth and his friend Tread. I could make Roberta blush and that is saying something. 

Add to your TBR A Rebel Love on Goodreads

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Adventures in Writing: with my children home

So it has been a while since I have done an adventures in writing post. Apologies, I know so many of have you have missed my adventures (insert sarcasm) ha ha. Anyway, the kids are home on summer break, which as much as I gripe, I love having my babies with me. Don't tell them I called them my babies becasue then I will hear shouts of, "I am not a baby!" They don't understand that in my eyes they will always be my babies.

Back to my original reason for posting, sorry, I was getting lost in memories of days of sweet baby smells. Now I get, "he farted on me!" Charming I know. So here is how my summer has gone thus far: I have started four books- and I have probably only written 15 thousand words collectively. This is sad times folks. I wake up before my kids do with every intention of writing something-anything before they awaken, but then social media beckons me. And like the sheep I click on my email, my Facebook, Twitter etc. Then before I know it I have lost two hours. Two hours I could be writing  something magnificent or a total piece of shit, but at least I would be writing something. Sigh.

By the time I get my shit together and start my spotify and crack open my next masterpiece, I cringe, just as my fingers are ready to stroke the keyboard, I hear, "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?" Some mornings I really have my act together and get breakfast ready before I sit my ass down at the computer, but that is rare, so I sigh, and grumble under my breath and fix breakfast. Once their tummies are getting filled, I sit down thinking okay, I've got this, but then I think well now I have lost my mojo, I'll just check my sales or Facebook and then I lose another precious hour.

I scream at myself, mentally...not aloud, I am not that crazy, yet. I open my WIP back up and then I hear, "It's my turn! MOM! He's hitting me. Well she's pinching me!" then a scuffle breaks out.  We go through this for the next thirty minutes or so until I can get them to see how ridiculous they are being.

We flip a coin to see who gets to play a video game first- becasue they can't be bothered to play together. I sit down again. Then my phone rings. I take my call and go back to my fantasy land that is waiting for me. My characters are shouting for me and waving. They are starving for my attention too but then comes, "I'm hungry! I need a snack, What are you making for lunch?"
"I hate that. I don't want that. You hate me. You want to make me eat stuff I don't like."

After lunch I try again to write and then I get, "Why are you on your computer so much? You never do anything fun with me." Here comes the guilt train all aboard. I start thinking about what was the last fun thing I did with them, granted it was the day before that I had spent the day playing chess and chutes and ladders, but I still feel guilty. Am I not giving them enough of my time? I remember back to my childhood...did I count on my parents so much for entertaining me? No I didn't. I was outside. I was riding my bike, roller skating, playing basketball. But still my guilt remains so I try to entertain them until it is time to cook dinner. Then I get sucked back online and after watching Alf reruns on Hulu until we fall asleep, I do it all over again the next day. This is my life and I wouldn't change any of it, except maybe I would get my shit together and get us on a schedule. Happy writing folks.

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Heart of a Rebel


The hardest road a man will ever travel is the one he travels alone. Rebel Black lives and rides by his own rules. This is his story… 

After hitting rock bottom, Rebel can’t get his life together. He made his bed and he has to lie in it. When forced to face the consequences of his no holds bar lifestyle, he comes face to face with the devastation he has caused. Will he ride the road to redemption or will his demons prove to be too much? 

Grim Jones answers to no one, but the patch on his back. He has two words on his mind…justice and revenge. 

Baby is roaming down an empty road of heartache and despair uncertain of what her future holds. Her world has been turned upside down and just when she thinks she has life figured out, it bites her on the ass at every curve. 

Romeo will stop at nothing to protect the life he has claimed for himself and his children. He is determined to make good on his promises. Even if it means killing his own kind to keep his word. 

The Black Rebel Riders’ MC continue on their journey. Are you ready to embark on the adventure with them? They are ready to ride free or die trying…

Book 6 of The Black Rebel Riders' MC Series 
Available now 

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Reader tears, Outlander and Black Rebel Riders' MC

Reader tears, Outlander and Black Rebel Riders' MC...all drifting in a sea of hey look at me!

So, it has been a while since I have written a general update or post, and I feel really shitty about that. I feel like I have been swept out to sea and drowning in an ocean full of- hey look at me! Self-publishing is tiresome and I am exhausted. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and I love the book community but social media is taking its toll on me and I don't like it. Too often I am getting caught up in what everyone is doing versus what I should be doing. Everyone wants to know, what will it take to get noticed? What can I do to sell more books? The answer is...I have no idea. I just want to write and read. God, do I love to read and play with the voices who stir in my mind, tirelessly. 

If you love my books that is awesome and if you don't like them so much that is okay too. I don't love everything I read. This is mostly me rambling  and clearing my head but I used to share my adventures in writing with you and I felt compelled to type this out. So where am I at now? I have taken the past week off and gotten swept up in the epicness that is the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. Gah what a wonderful series. It has reminded me why I love to read and write so much. I love when I get those small reminders from time to time. There's just something so wonderful about falling in love over and over again with someone's prose. But the struggle is real-  do I want to write or do I want to read? In order to write I must read- reading is a writer's superpower. I have never understood writers who say they hate to read.

So, now I am reading my Black Rebel Riders' MC Series again. I thought I would have book 6 written by now but life happens. I had forgotten to take care of me and let a lot of things go while drifting in the sea of hey look at me! I have to remind myself it's okay to take time away. It's okay to binge watch an entire season of a great show on Netflix every now and again. So that is what I have been doing while trying to promote two books. I have been putting off writing book 6 to be honest. I have let myself become paralyzed by fear...fear of disappointing  those who enjoy the rebel series. And I can't write while feeling that way.  But I am getting back to work on it. I'm remembering why I started writing this series to begin with, I wanted to write what I want to read and that is what I intend to do. 

People have asked me how many books there will be in this series and I honestly don't know. Every time I start writing a book in this series I think it will be the last one but then my rebels raise their jars of moonshine and tell me-not yet, they still have more to say. Lastly, thank you for everything- for buying my books, reviewing my books, messaging me, shouting at me, shaking your fists at me, giving me the finger when I piss you off- ha ha. Thank you for sharing your tears of happiness and sorrow with me- I do drink them for breakfast.

Hope you have a great week- I have a date with Rebel Black...

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Grim The Beginning is Free!

FREE for a limited time!

Now live on amazon

*Disclaimer* If you are easily offended by hot, dirty biker books, then this is not the book for you. However if you love panty melting alpha males with a mouth on them then this book is for you ;) I just hit publish!!!

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*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*COVER REVEAL*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`** Romeo book 5 Black Rebel Riders' MC

Are you ready to ride? Romeo is coming!

 *¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*COVER REVEAL*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`**

I am so excited to share the cover for Romeo with you all. I know I said I had a release date and I do sorta ;) You can expect Romeo book five of my Black Rebel Riders' MC to release in February.  So  to hold you over I am including part of chapter 1 for you and I hope you enjoy it. And keep in mind this is unedited and subject to change.

How far are you willing to go to protect those you love? Romeo knows he is willing to go the distance. This is his story…
Romeo has fought his way through hell and back to overcome his demons. Just when he thinks, he has everything under control, his life changes in the blink of an eye. You have to take the good with the bad or so they say. When the club’s worst nightmare comes true, Romeo finds himself faced with the unthinkable…

“Hard is the only road I have ever been down…”
Sunshine has devoted her life to being Grim’s old lady. She thought they had it all. Soon she is faced with choices she isn’t prepared to make. What do you do when all the walls of the life you have built come tumbling down?

What happens when your happily ever after isn’t what you expected? Baby has everything she has ever wanted but it comes with a price. The deeper you love the rougher the road you travel becomes. Baby is finding out the hard way that sometimes the truth cannot set you free.

Striker Black has everything he ever dreamed of within his grasp. Power, loyalty and brotherhood are his for the taking. Only problem is it could cost him everything and everyone he has ever loved.  
The Black Rebel Riders’ MC are about to take you on one hell of a ride, so strap on your gear and get ready to travel the highway to hell. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Black Rebel Riders’ MC
Book 5
Glenna Maynard
Copyright © Glenna Maynard 2014 Romeo
This is a work of fiction. Names characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual people, alive or dead, business, establishments, locals or events is entirely coincidental. Any reference to real events, business, organizations or locals is intended only to give the fiction a sense of realism and authenticity.  All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a     retrieval system, or transmitted by any means – electronic, mechanical, photographic (photocopying), recording, or otherwise – without prior permission in writing from the author.

26 years ago

AC/DC is blaring on the stereo as I lay in the back of Grim’s truck looking at the stars with this crazy bitch Laura. Never thought I’d be stupid over a woman, but I like her a lot. She passes me a joint. I take a hard drag and it feels as though my lung is about to pop. Her blonde hair moves lightly as the cool summer breeze blows. Letting out a cough, I notice something about this weed tastes off. “What kind of funk is this?”
She eyes me cautiously, “It’s laced with a kick.” She grins and kisses me deeply.
Her large breasts are smashed against my arm. I can feel the hardened peaks of her nipples rubbing through the thin red tank top she is wearing. It has a picture of Bon Jovi on it. Not much on his music but the chicks dig him. I have been trying to score tickets to one of his concerts but not had much luck. I have never went through so much trouble to impress a girl before. But there is just something about her. She’s luscious, like a damn peach.  “Luscious Laura,” I tease her laughing as I hear myself say it. “What’s you say was in that weed?” I am feeling funny. I take a drink of shine from my mason jar. My grandfather taught me how to make real Kentucky moonshine. My brothers and I have been thinking about selling it for profit. We ride in a motorcycle club, the Black Rebel Riders’ MC.
I never thought much would come of our motorcycle club but after a few years, it is starting to grow. And fuck if we couldn’t use some money. Got this old fucker Hook squeezing on us all of the motherfuckin’ time. Dirty old bastard.
Laura shoves me backwards and I knock my head on the back of the damn truck, but not gonna’ complain. She just took that barely there tank off and Christ, what a rack she has. She is straddling my lap, grinding down on my growing erection. My mason jar is knocked over; joint is hanging from my bottom lip as Laura gets me higher by the second. I am so fucked up my hands can hardly navigate their way to her heaving chest.  She slides down to my thighs going to work on my zipper. My eyes are closed as I enjoy the sensations burning through my veins. The smoke fills my lungs as her lips wrap around the tip of my dick.  Just when shit is getting good the truck rocks as a boot kicks the tailgate.  I look up and see Grim wearing a wicked grin on his two heads. When did this ugly fucker get two heads? I shake my head and hit my right temple with the palm of my hand trying to get my head right.
“Hey, Romeo, put your snake away. Need my truck. Fucking Slim and Foxie are going at it again. I’m not sticking around. When you are ready for a real man, Laura, you know where to find me.” One of the heads winks as I try I get my pants pulled up and tumble over the tailgate.  Laura laughs and leads me back to the party. I know why Grim wants to get the fuck outta dodge. He fucked Foxie first and every time she has a blow out with Slim, she tries to cry to Grim about it. Crazy bastard actually fixed them up. Not sure if he was doing Slim a favor or cursing him. 
Kicking back in a plastic lounger by the fire pit, I feel my eyelids growing heavy. The last thing I remember is Laura whispering in my ear. “If you are Romeo, does that make me your Juliet?”

 I hope you enjoyed  this snippet and  don't forget to add Romeo to your TBR list on goodreads!
 And if you aren't caught up on the series yet here is the reading order.
Book 1 Grim The beginning
Book 2 Rumor
Book 3 Baby
Book4 Striker
Book 5 Romeo
Books 1-4 are available now on AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks and Kobo
Books 1-3 are also on Google Play with book 4 on its way. 
xx Glenna Maynard