Monday, October 12, 2015

Beauty & The Biker A Dark Fairytale Signed Paperback Contest

Have you read my latest release Beauty & The Biker A Dark Fairytale? The books is a dark, modern twist on Beauty & The Beast. How would you like to win a signed copy?  Continue reading this post to find out how to win it! 

Beauty & The Biker : A Dark Fairytale

Glenna Maynard 


Tristian Vandacamp wants nothing more than for Isabella to remember the past they once shared. 

"She can't remember and I can't forget." ~Tristian 

Isabella Perez wants nothing more than to survive paying the debt owed by her father to a notorious biker. 

"He is my captor and I am his pet. I’m the beauty and he’s the beast. My father made a deal with the devil and now it is up to me to pay his dues." ~Isabella 

This is a standalone dark novel

He is a beast from hell. The monster you were warned about as child. The kind of vile creature, who thrives on fear, lurking in the shadows of your closet and hiding under your bed. He is the kind of man who will take a man’s daughter and use her against him.

But what is a woman to do when she is no longer a child and can’t call out for her daddy to make the bad man go away. I’m an adult and the monster now sleeps in the room next to mine, and a seriously messed up part of me wants him sleeping in my bed beside me. 

About The Author:

Glenna Maynard is a Kentucky native with a passion for romance best known for her bestselling romantic suspense novel I'm with You and The Black Rebel Riders' MC series. When she isn't arguing with the voices in her head or drinking reader tears, she enjoys watching classic TV shows with her two children and longtime leading man.

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