Black Rebel Riders' MC

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The Black Rebel Riders' MC is located in Drag Creek Kentucky. They are a group of outlaws who live and die by their way of life. For them it has always been about moonshine, brotherhood and motorcycles. Black Rebel Riders' MC was founded by Slim Black and Grim Jones—two friends who were looking to get out of the killing game, but with everything comes a price. A price that Slim and Grim have been paying for years for turning their backs on the Devils Rejects and starting their own MC. That price is war. Hook, the president of the Devils Rejects has been hell bent on revenge for the past twenty years.

Black Rebel Riders' MC Series Reading order

Book 1 Grim The Beginning
Book 2 Rumor
Book 3 Baby
Book 4 Striker
Book 5 Romeo
Book 6 Heart of A Rebel
Book 7 A Rebel Love