Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter One Beautiful Strangers

Chapter One                                         

    Life is a party and this is my stage I thought to myself as I took in the new lighting effect Ritchie had installed earlier this week. The new dimmers really would help to set the mood, and I am itching to see how the new spotlight will showcase my assets or my ass at least. Masquerade is the new club I work at, not exactly my dream job of being a writer but it pays the bills.
   “Hey Grace you ready to put that fine ass to work tonight?” Ritchie spoke into the microphone. I gave him thumbs up and headed back stage we were due to open in an hour and I need to prepare for my first act. Getting picked to be the first solo featured dancer of the night was a big deal, especially tonight, rumor had it there was some heavy hitters coming in tonight with the Country Awards Show slated for Sunday night.
   It isn't unusual for us to see a celebrity or two any given night of the week since we are located smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville. Not sure what kind of crowd we would have tonight I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst, my supply is getting low and I am in desperate need of cash to refill it.          
      Heading into the private bathroom reserved just for us girls I slipped into the biggest stall and used the back of the toilet for a counter to crush my speed, the faster it went up my nose the better the rush. Ritchie would fire me in a New York minute if he knew I was using in his club, so the toilet was easy to wipe off not that I really cared but I need this job, I like my heels and my drugs and neither come cheap. I dressed in a red lace push up bra and lace red boy shorts and my favorite pair of red Jimmy’s and the red looked great with my dark brown hair. I pulled my hair into a low pony tail didn't want it getting in the way of my mask. That is part of the appeal of the club, all the girls including the servers have to wear a masquerade mask during all hours of operation and that goes for the patrons as well. No one knows who you are here, you could be giving a lap dance to a celebrity or a stockbroker and you’d never know the difference, it’s all about fantasy here.   
      Ritchie has a bodyguard at the front door that strictly enforces the dress code here, suit and tie kind of deal and no cheap ones at that. Our club only caters to the wealthier folk. Masquerade isn't a strip club it’s more of a burlesque peep show, but we do give private dances.  I applied my red lipstick for the second time and tried not to sweat too bad, a side effect from the speed but damn I need it. I had Stacey bring me a shot before she headed out to work the floor, I need a little extra boost to calm my nerves, damn speed making me all jittery and shit.
    “Gracie girl you better put you mask on” called Reggie “you’re on in five.” Okay let’s get this party started. I slipped my red feathered mask on and stepped into my stilettos. I stood peering out from the left side of stage, all fifteen servers were already busy and the place looked packed I couldn't spot an empty table and the doors had only been open ten minutes tops. This was going to be a great night indeed. The DJ cut the music he had been playing and dimmed the lights so low you could barely see to walk out on to the stage but I managed. A moment later the spotlight shone on me just as my song began to play. I stood with my back turned awaiting my cue, my song “Pussy Control” by “Prince” began to play.
      Let the games begin. I slowly made my way to the end of the stages catwalk and came to a stop in front of a group of six. One guy in particular stood out to me, it was like a magnet was pulling me closer to him. He is the most intriguing stranger. I lifted my right leg and poked the guy with piercing electric blue eyes in the chest with the heel of my stiletto, then I bent down and pulled him forward by his tie, it was a softer blue and with the black masquerade mask his eyes really did spark. I found my self almost reaching out to run my fingers through his messy black hair, something about his smile said come fuck me. Oh if he only knew I am more than willing. I usually don’t even pay attention to the men I see here, they are just faceless bodies, but something about him caused my body to take serious notice.  His buddies began to whistle as I made my way back down stage flirting with a few other choice customers, and then I was finished. A few other girls took the stage as I exited. Men didn't throw money on the stage here we were to classy for that we all work on salary.
       Checking my self in the mirror one last time after changing into a gold beaded bra, matching boy shorts, and a golden Venetian mask I made my way out front to fish for a private dance. Like I said we don’t get tipped but we do earn extra on our checks if we sell private dances. It wasn't long before I had a bite; I escorted the gentleman to my private room, which wasn't much. The private rooms are large enough to fit a black leather sofa bench and a table for drinks. I pushed the guy onto the couch and took a look at his eyes a dull green, damn I was hoping for the spark of electric blue, but no matter he will do.  Britney’s toxic started to play and I began my tease. “Oh God I love the way your hips swing” he smiled. “Do you?” I breathed into his face letting him catch the scent of my cherry lipstick.  I shifted and dropped my ass onto his lap and started pumping my ass over his crotch, that’s when he licked my shoulder.  I brushed him off no touching and definitely no licking I scolded him, unless I say you can. And I didn't say, I was thinking about them blue eyes and running my fingers through that black hair. The song ended and I straightened up and left him hungry for more.
     Stepping into the hall I bumped into Jolene, “Grace you’ll never believe who’s here tonight!” Try me Jolene. “I heard Jaxson Hayes is here” she squealed as she flipped her orange red hair over her shoulder. If you didn't know who Jaxson Hayes was you might be dead, he is the biggest thing in country music right now and damned sexy. He also happens to be the other half of country music’s top selling duo Blackened Sunrise.
   “Probably a rumor, not getting my hopes up for that one girl. No Aaron told Stacey he checked his ID at the door earlier” she answered. “And I may have mentioned to Drake that he should have him checkout the club” she added. Hmm interesting. Robert Drake is Jolene’s sugar daddy and he just happens to own the record label that represents Jackson Hayes. 
   I made my way into the bathroom locked myself in my stall and snorted some more pick me up.  Back on the floor I started searching for Mr. Hayes if he was here I wanted to meet him. My search was cut short when a man approached me, oh God not dull green again I thought as I studied his eyes and cropped blonde hair.
    “Hey I wanted to buy another dance for my friend” he half smiled. “Sure where’s he at?” I asked. “He is already waiting for you in room three”. Okay thanks, ugh what a creeper hope his friend isn't so lame.
     When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised the guy from earlier with them electric blue eyes was waiting. Nope not lame at all. “Relax you look a little tense” I spoke playfully to him noticing his tight grip on the edge of the bench.
   “Shall we get started?” I asked. He just sat there not answering me; maybe he’s a creeper too. “Is this your first time?  Are you shy?” I asked pushing my breast into his face. Shy guys were usually fun. He leans back and whispers no as he loosens his tie and undoes the first few buttons of his shirt leaving his mask on as I remove mine.  I step back to the door to start the music when he suddenly asks “where are you going? Oh nowhere I am just getting started” I answer locking the door. “Princes Darling Nikki” begins to play and so do I.
     I lower onto his lap pinning him down with my legs as I push his head back and begin to grind on him. He raises his head back up looking me directly in my eyes as he reaches around my back and unhooks my bra with one hand. OK he wasn't shy, and this definitely wasn't his first time. My breath caught this wasn't what I was expecting, not that I hadn't messed around with customer’s before but this was different. I craved this stranger’s touch and I am willing to take anything he will give me. I want to rub my fingers through his hair, I want so badly to remove the mask and see his full face.
   I reach my hand up when he catches me by my wrist stopping me, “No touching” he speaks so low it is barley a whisper. I gasped, damn what a turn on, I try reaching for his hair with my other hand when he stops me again. Roughly he tells me again “No touching”, I've never been told no before but I like it. Then he smacks my ass and hard. Oh he knew what he was doing. “If you disobey I will punish you” he scolds me. “Maybe I like being punished” I breathe. “I bet you are a naughty one”, he groans. He has no idea.  
     He removes my bra completely and takes one of my breasts into his mouth while stroking my backside, my wrists are still being held by his other hand. Wow is this really about to happen? Yes it is! Good thing I locked the door.  By this time the song has stopped and I don’t think he notices. He is so engulfed by my breasts. When he lets go of my wrist I wrap my hands around his neck and inhale his scent, which is short lived when he growls “enough” into my ear and smacks my ass even harder than the first time.
  He gently slides me off his lap throwing my bra at me, and then he is gone. What the fuck just happened? I asked my self I was horny and madder than hell, how dare he play with me like that. But did I really have the right to be angry, I do the same to plenty of men nightly.  He probably gets his kicks by working women up and then leaving them hanging, asshole I spat. I put myself back to rights and went back to work.
   The rest of the night passed in a blur I couldn't stop thinking about blue eyes and the way he smelled, his scent was a mix of liquor, Winter Fresh and Nautica Sport. And I didn't even know what his face looked liked, and I was ready to sleep with him in a matter of seconds. I had completely forgotten about Jaxson Hayes to. Bummer… I woke up the next day feeling like I had been to hell in a hand basket. That’s the thing with speed more times than not I can not bare to wait to crash from the speed so I bring myself down with Xanax  I probably should eat something but the thought of food just makes me want to throw up right now.
  Coffee was what I needed and a shower. I don’t have to go in to work until seven thirty; I should have plenty of time to meet up with Evan. He and I usually meet near the damn at Percy Priest Lake, there’s a real quiet picnic area secluded near the edge of the woods, I have only seen one other couple there and they were smoking a joint and clearly not interested in us. Why would I meet a dealer in the woods alone you might ask, but I used to fuck Evan so it was cool. Sometimes I still do if I’m low on cash and need a quick fix. Did I dream of growing up and whoring myself for drugs, no, but I made my bed and everything comes with a cost. I learned early on in life nothing comes free, my parents taught me that. You learn fast when you are the daughter of a lawyer and a real estate agent.