Thursday, January 16, 2014

Facebook etiquette for writers part 1

Let's talk Facebook etiquette. Yes there is such a thing in the writing world. Hey I get it, you wrote this awesome book- you can't wait to shout it out to the masses...I wrote a book buy it-read it-love it- oh and leave a review. Oh and by the way I have a page go give it a like and share it with your friends This isn't too much to ask right?

There is a way to do things on Facebook when approaching authors, bloggers and readers. What? You mean I can't just friend them and then shove my stuff down their throat and expect them to love me and be my instant friend forever? No...

When reaching out to other authors and blogs here's some tips.
1. A brief message with hi my name is____ is a wonderful way to introduce yourself.
2. If you aren't familiar with a fellow authors work don't lie. Be honest.
3. There is a difference between a working relationship and a friendly relationship.
4. Sending other authors a message saying hi I just liked your page can you do the same is a turn off for most. There are groups and events for those type things on Facebook.
5. Messaging the same impersonal message to everyone can be tacky.

I used to think sending out invites to everyone on my friends list for page likes and events was  perfectly fine. Until I started getting bombarded with them from people who had never even had one conversation with me, not even hi thanks for accepting my friend request. Which I don't expect from anyone who is friending me from book world. But do not friend an author, blogger, or reader and spam them. And by spamming I mean sending numerous request to like 15 different pages and inviting them to 30 events in one week. One it's annoying and two people will unfriend you for less.

And most importantly everybody talks. If you say something on Facebook be prepared for people to know about it or don't say it. Screenshots people- people take screenshots so even when you think things are private they aren't.

I am sure I am leaving out something important but it's early I need caffeine and I'm sure there might be a part two to this post in the future. And I hope I made some sense.  Next post I'll be talking about reviews. Remember these are my experiences... You have your own journey ahead of you.