Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby Book 3 Black Rebel Riders' MC Teaser


Book 3

Black Rebel Riders' MC


Glenna Maynard




Our life isn't pretty— it's rough. We thrive on blood, sweat, tears, family, moonshine and most of all motorcycles...

 They say a woman's heart is an ocean of secrets and I will do anything to protect mine. Cradling my newborn son in my arms, I already know what I must do. I am going to give Sunshine and Grim the gift of a son. They can give him things I can't.  What matters is that I do what's best for this dark haired angel who is depending on me to give him the world. I can't provide him the family he deserves, his father doesn't have a clue he belongs to him and he never will if I have anything to do with it. How do you stay when the person who owns your heart, body and soul belongs to another? Where do broken hearts go when home is all you know, but home is where he is...

Is there such a thing as loving someone too much–too hard? I think maybe the world wasn't ready for the love we shared, it was a ride or die love. Love either grows or dies. If it grows, it expands beyond the depths of our reach, but if it dies, there is no getting it back.

God how I loved that boy and the man I thought he would be, but that boy grew up and that man only ever existed in my heart. I can't say exactly where it all went wrong, not that any of it was ever right to start with. So how I did I get to this point. I guess you could say it began the day I discovered I never really was in love with Rebel Black and in time, I found myself drawn to someone new.

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