Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What every self-published author should know

Going into self-publishing is a tremendous amount of work. There were so many things I din't know going into it. I am still learning with every book I release, but here are a few things you should learn how to do yourself in case you are ever stuck in a pickle at some time or another. I know there are plenty of others I am leaving out but I will update this post periodically.

  1. How design an ebook cover
  2. How to properly format your book for ebook and paperback
  3. How to set up and manage your own blog tour, release blitz, cover reveal ect
  4. How to proofread
  5. How to run giveaways 
  6. How to set up and maintain a blog or website
  7. How to make a book trailer
  8. How to properly use social media