Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Carpe Noctem Morgan Jane Mitchell Review

Carpe Noctem 
Morgan Jane Mitchell

Carpe Noctem (Sanguis City 2)

It’s no fun being an unlicensed bleeder in the city of blood, especially one who has to deal with being the better half of a vampire god. 
Being juiced used to be her biggest fear until she discoveries the alternative. Mandatory service sounds a lot like slavery to Noir. Good thing her sexy captor has a bigger problem, they all do… 
Trouble follows Noir as she escapes the vampire culture into The Fringe, where the most rebellious humans dwell. Among them, she just might find the witch to make her one wish come true, if he doesn't find her first. 
With the city on lockdown, trying to flush out the designers of the latest zombie virus, talk of a rebellion puts everyone on edge. The bleeders are caught in the middle, enforcing curfews and sanctions to punish all humans. Noir may be busy fighting her own battles with the men in her life, but she can’t ignore her place in the upcoming battle for long. 
Is she a pawn in a more sinister plot or is she the key to saving the city? What will happen if Noir decides to seize the night? 

My  5 Fangfuckingtastic Stars Review 

Blown away by this book! You learn a lot in this book. I am so torn between who is my favorites. Noir is taken for quite an adventure, one word-Zombies.

There was some really hot moments that had me fanning myself. I love Sander so much, I can't wait to find out more about Willow!

Quixon, where do I begin, I want to trust him and love him... but won't say more in fear of spoilers. The dynamic between all of the characters are fantastic, and I really got a great sense of the world Noir lives in. I need to know more about all of them! I didn't want this book to end.

I have so much I want to gush about with this book, but you really have to read it and see where Noir finds herself. Who should she trust, how should she use her wish, or whom should she use it for? Read it find out, Seize the night!