Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Uno's Truth Devils Rejects MC 5 Cover and Blurb Reveal

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Uno's Truth 
Book 5 Devils Rejects MC 

Will the truth set him free?
The past is a bitch to escape. No matter how hard I try to move forward, I wind up taking two steps back. The memories that haunt me…the secrets that hang over my head…if revealed could put me straight in the ground. All I want is a family of my own but the things I’ve done can’t be forgiven.
Revenge, that was our agreement. I married a man I shouldn’t have with a heavy heart. We both made promises we can’t keep. The lies we’ve told and the games we’ve played are deadly. I want out, but I know too much. Neither of us are getting out of this deal alive. It’s either him or me and I choose me.
I fell in love with a monster and came to Webb Hollow looking for a new beginning. I can see a future with Uno. It’s mine for the taking, all I have to do is say yes to being his woman on the side. I’ve been the other woman before. I loved, and I lost. This time will be different. 

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