Sunday, February 10, 2019

Zombies and Bikers Oh My! Post Apocalyptic Books You Should Be Reading.

Are you ready for the apocalypse? Dark Paradise drops on your e-readers February 14th!
I know dystopian is new for me but I hope you will take a chance and trust me. You have never read a story like this one before.
Black Hearts has disbanded but some of the others are releasing their stories as well. You should check them out too!

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If I had to choose anyone to be my zombie apocalypse survival buddy, I’d choose him. 

The world has gone to shit and the zombie apocalypse is now responsible for wiping out humanity.

One girl believes she's all alone and the world's last hope for survival . . .

but is she the key, a threat, or something else entirely?

*** Book 1 of a new series, contains mature content ***
This is part one of the Post Apocalyptic Novella Series.

Through tragedy comes love.
Dominic Sinclair doesn’t believe in that, he doesn’t believe in much of anything anymore. All he is trying to do is keep his town and himself alive while the zombie apocalypse burns the world down.
Though a black-haired angel in disguise has other plans.
Who will be left hanging in the balance? 
Coming Soon!
Love Row 
Brandi Aga 
Love was our weapon; too bad it couldn’t save us.

I never pictured myself wandering our abandoned town with my husband, striving for another day, let alone with Him, too. He’s haunted, lost. The moment he walked into our lives, I made a promise to never let him go and now I can’t. I won’t. They say things happen in threes. Sickness, evil, death. We thought we’d beat it all—we thought wrong. 
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Nicole Banks

Coming late summer 2019

You can’t destroy what you do not understand—for we are the cure.

Sol’s been locked in a system that left her people broken and hungry, while the pockets of others only got fatter.

It came as no surprise when the powers that be poisoned their waters, thinking they could snuff their kind out of existence without consequence. Little did they know it would only breed a different type of hunger among Sol and her people.