Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Moonshine & Mistletoe and other news!

Rebel & Devil  News!

Paving the road to happily ever after one chapter at a time.
— Glenna Maynard

Hi! Hope your week is off to an amazing start. I have been super busy juggling all the things.
We recently celebrated my daughter's 11 birthday, it is so hard to believe that when I started writing my first book she was I want to say three or four. Time flies when you are having fun.
I have a few things to share with you that I am super excited about and feel great about.

Number one, I am bringing back box sets for my BRRMC and working on getting the second volume of Devils Rejects MC together. Also DRMC has returned to being available on all platforms including Google Play.
I have released Just Ride, a set that includes books 1-4 of BRRMC and some great bonus content not available anywhere else. Including What If The Black Rebel Riders' MC had Facebook what their feed would be like, 13 never before shared Character Interviews with some of your favorite rebels, and lastly two bonus scenes written from Trouble's POV.

My second announcement is, I have taken down Moonshine & Mistletoe as book 11 of Black Rebel Riders' MC and revised it. What does this mean. Well, it still holds the same spot in reading order as always, but it is now book 1 of Black Rebel Devils MC serving as the prequel to Guns & Roses which is in the works. I have added 5k of new material and removed some. The two scenes that were removed are now in the back of The Devil's Rebel as bonus content. The new version is live on Amazon and in the process of publishing on other sales channels and will be available wide.

Also if you haven't pre-ordered the Love, Loyalty, & Mayhem Anthology the special 99 cent price will increase after release day so be sure to take advantage of that now. If you pre-order on Nook you will receive  exclusive bonus content with your purchase.
Until next time,
Happy reading!
✮✮✮Just Ride ✮✮✮
It's a ride or die life but sometimes you have to just ride and take life as it comes.
This isn't a fairytale romance or for the faint of heart. Deep in the hills of Drag Creek Kentucky, there is a group of outlaws, whose love of moonshine and motorcycles runs through their blood. They are known as the Black Rebel Riders' MC and at every turn there is an enemy waiting to take them down.

Are you ready to ride?
This box set contains the first 4 books of the series and exclusive bonus content not available anywhere else.

Your ride starts here.
Grim The Beginning
paperback is in review but on the way. 
Falling for a gorgeous stranger is the last thing an outlaw like Axel needs. Ainsley is a distraction he can’t afford. He’s sworn off relationships but when there is moonshine and mistletoe involved anything is possible—like falling into bed with the cartel.
Other sites are pending but on the way 
An arranged marriage between and outlaw and a cartel princess. What could be better?
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