Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tempting The Biker Pre-order, Cover Reveal, and Excerpt



Alexa is sitting in the same spot nursing the rest of my bottle of Jack looking beautifully broken. An avenging angel. My personal hell is being here in this room with her. Wanting her and unable to have her.

“Don’t make yourself sick,” I tell her as I flop onto the bed and curl an arm around one of the pillows. I know us being here is a bad idea but I’m in no shape to drive. I need sleep. I close my eyes and feel her shifting on the bed, her sweet scent moving closer.

“Did something happen?” her liquor stained breath washes over my face. Intoxicating and tempting.

“Nothing for you to concern yourself about.”

“You’re upset.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Her soft lips brush against mine. “It matters to me.”

“Don’t,” I breathe out the word, her lips still touching mine but unmoving. Fuck me. I’m going to hell because there’s never been anything sweeter than her in this moment. How can she be hurting the way that she is and still have it in her to care about a sorry fuck like me? “I don’t deserve your sweetness.”

“Says who?” Those torturous lips move against mine and I don’t stop it. I should but I’m tired of doing the right thing and getting kicked in the teeth for it. “Let me take it away. Whatever is eating you. You’ll take my pain and I’ll take yours, yeah?”

If I were a better man, I’d push her away. I’d drive her straight home and never look back, but I’m not a good man. I’m a fuckin’ bastard and I’m taking what I want. Why should I deny myself of this one guilty pleasure? Alexa parts her lips, opening to me and I delve my tongue inside, tasting her passion but most of all her pain. The sweetest and deadliest sin. I stroke my fingers along her jaw and through her hair, getting swept away, consumed by one broken girl who can heal me and destroy me with one kiss.

Pulse pounding in my ears, I roll over top her, taking everything she’s willing to give not caring that I’ve crossed a line neither of us will ever come back from. Threading our fingers together I hold Alexa’s hands over her head, peppering kisses down the slender column of her throat.

“I don’t need love, James. Not tonight. I just want to forget even if its only for a little while.”

“Me too,” I rasp, getting lost in the sensation building up inside me and between us.


Tempting The Biker
Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author Glenna Maynard
Cover Design Jay Aheer Simply Defined Art
He's married and twice my age, but I can't walk away.
We were never supposed to happen. Alexa’s my daughter’s best friend. I’m a married man. I’m too old for her, but stolen glances turn into more than either of us are prepared for. I’ve made promises I can’t keep. I’m the Prez of Royal Bastards MC. I’m not supposed to be tempted by her innocence. My head swears that I don’t love her, but my heart won’t let go.
Murder’s married. Off Limits. But I want him. He’s a powerful man. Untouchable and unbreakable. I’ll be his dirty little secret. No one has to know. We’re playing a dangerous game. A deadly one that will leave me with a broken heart or worse, but I’ll do anything to prove to him that what we share is a ride or die love. And for Murder, I’m willing to risk it all.
Tempting The Biker is part of the Royal Bastards MC world.
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