Thursday, October 22, 2020

October Update


Tempting The Biker is here and other stuff...

By now Murder and Alexa's story has been delivered to your e-reader if you pre-ordered or if you order the paperback your mailbox. I hope you are enjoying their wild ride to their happily ever after. It was quite the adventure diving into their past and seeing them through to the future. If you'd like to join the discussion I've set up a spoiler group on Facebook. It's been an interesting release week. Facebook decided to jail my account yesterday which has made touching base with you guys there impossible, another reason for you to follow me here or sign up for my newsletter if you aren't already. 

Next up for me is Fabricated Christmas releasing on December 1st then I will be returning to the Royal Bastards MC world for Keeping The Biker a follow up story about Alexa and Murder releasing February 12th 2021. I wish I could say I have an update for you on Sex & Cigarettes but at this time I do not. I can't control my muse or when it decides to strike. I have set it to the side for other projects. I know that is upsetting to you because it hurts my paper heart, but those characters aren't talking to me right now. I hope that changes soon. 

What's coming in the next year? I'm working on my schedule but nothing is set in stone so no release dates are being announced at this time until I have a better idea of what projects I can finish. I wish I was more organized but I'm not. I'm a big ol hot mess express, rocking my ratty bun and worn out leggings I can't seem to part with. 

But in fun news you can now visit the merchandise tab at the top of my site and check out new items in my store including My heart Belongs To Murder tees, mugs, stickers etc. More designs are in the works for my other series and characters. 

if you have any questions you can always email me or post them in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible. 

Happy Reading,