Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A journey into the world of writing

   After  a recent conversation with a dear friend, I decided to take a leap into the world of writing.  After reading quite a few books and wandering how they got published, I decided hey I can do that when I discovered a lot of them were self published. I am learning everything first hand on my own for the most part about self-publishing.. I am currently writing my first romance novel. I am taking it day by day and seeing where this path leads.  I thought why not start a blog to keep track of my progress, so here I am. I have been writing over the past few weeks and have made it to chapter 15. I find it much easier to write when I listen to music, but some may prefer complete silence. After doing research on word counts and chapter lengths I have decided not to put these constrictions or deadlines upon myself. you will only drive yourself crazy trying to maintain a certain amount of words per chapter. 
   But I do however think is important to be consistent in your writing, to keep a general flow in transitioning from one chapter to the next I have learned that I the words come to me more easily when I stick to what I know as far as subject matter goes. I have also started an Author page on Facebook if you would like to see sneak peeks of my work you can see it  here . I may post some of my work here in the future as well. I am trying to break into the Facebook author world, and some writers are very receiving and others not so much. One thing I have learned is if you don't promote yourself then who will? I am currently researching cover art for my book and trying to write a synopsis. For me personally writing a good synopsis has been very challenging, I am afraid of revealing to much or too little. But how do you really define how much or how little to share. I think it depends on the type of reader you are are trying to reach. And I prefer to be surprised, always leave them wanting more you might say.