Saturday, January 19, 2013


  So I am trying to keep up in the social media world. Is it really necessary to belong to so many sites to get yourself out there. My thoughts yes. But it is so confusing at times I can barely keep up.  Guess I can count Myspace out,I logged in recently and I think I heard crickets chirping. Anyways now you need Twitter,a blog,Facebook,Pinterest, multiple email accounts and a Goodreads list. Oh and lets not forget LinkedIn. It takes so much time just to check into all these sites, a person almost needs an assistant to run them all. So I here I am in a world of confusion, feeling like an idiot trying to link them to each other and so on. I consider myself pretty smart so I am figuring it out as I go.  I try to keep up with all the sites I am a member of,but always seem to neglect one or the other. So I ask how do you keep up among the chaos and confusion of all the different social sites?