Sunday, February 23, 2014

Smelling the roses...

Getting back to me...
My first year in Indie world has been a crazy ride. April 10 will make one year since I have published my first book Beautiful Strangers. I now have 5 published titles and am preparing to release number six. I have made so many new friends and learned so many things but in the process I have lost a piece of me.
I am taking a step back- the all day promoting and networking is taking a toll on me personally. I have forgotten all of the other things that I love to do. This weekend I did a small craft project and it was so refreshing. I had forgotten what it was like to paint for fun! How do you forget something like that? Crazy I know. But the market is changing quicker than I can type up this post. Authors are feeling the pressure to pump books out like a damn machine and I'm tired of shoving my books down people's throats and screaming buy it-read it-love it...  I hope readers hear about my books and love them as much as I do but it isn't going to consume my every moment like it has been. There really is no point to this post except that it's okay to step back sometimes and stop and smell the roses.

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