Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FaceBook I'm breaking up with you

Dear FaceBook,

I am breaking up with you. It's not me it's most definitely you. Why is that  do you ask? Well for one you are extremely nosey. It is none of your business what my phone number is or whether or not I played t-ball at four. You are constantly changing, I can't keep up. You give me whiplash. Make up your mind already! Like pages used to be a great way to meet new readers and find new authors or blogs or companies I wanted to get to know, but now you are asking the little man for money. I am sorry but if I am going to invest in advertising it is going to be with someone who puts the money where it's mouth is and reaches who it promises to reach. Why do people bother to like pages if you aren't going to show the people who like it anything that is posted. I am an Indie author and it is a tough gig. I mean tough, you ever heard of a one man publishing house? Well that is what an Indie author does, and no it isn't your fault I am a struggling writer in hopes of reaching the masses. But you know what is your fault- that I have lost out on the one place that was a great avenue to reach the people who like my books and want to keep up with me without having to friend me and even now if they friend me they still don't see me, unless I look like a conceited ass-hat who likes and comments on all her own post before anyone else does, just so that they are visible. When I first started my like page last year my post would on a good day reach 1,000 people and now I am lucky to reach 50, so thanks for ruining what once was a enjoyable site for the little guys like me. And there are lots of us who I am sure will agree that no it's not me it's you.