Saturday, March 15, 2014

Writing Tips 101

I get various messages asking for my advice on writing. Here is the best piece of advice I can give you- JUST WRITE. Yep it is that simple. Write from the heart, write what you love and what you want to read. Don't get caught up in what's hot at the moment. Tell the story that's living and breathing inside of you. Write it your way. Only you can tell your story. They say everything has been written  and guess what it probably has, but not with your own unique way of telling a story that you possess the life of. Everyone has a different process for how they write, I have my own strange way of doing things. Some authors have their blurb (synopsis) written before they have sat down to write the book. Me? I can't do it that way because I go into my work one page at a time for the most part. I don't do extensive outlining. I have scraps of paper and post its with little notes about ideas or conversations. That is about as fancy as I get.  I have so much more to tell you but it is dinner time at my house. I will post more soon.