Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fighting Dirty Series

The Fighting Dirty Series - previously known as The Masquerade Series and The Blackened Heart and Wicked Heart books have undergone rewrites and cover/title changes. Dirty Rules will be the third re-release and the longest book of the series. These are a series of standalone titles that can be read alone or in any order. Every book focuses on a new couple who isn't afraid to fight dirty to get what they want (their HEA). Dirty Rules is still in the rewrite stage but I hope to have it in your hands soon. This book is the most special to me as it was the first book I ever wrote back in 2012.  I pulled the original version from sale a few years ago as I have grown so much since then. I am loving diving back into Grace and Jax's world.

Dirty Love -
Dirty Truth -