Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Devil's Rebel Blurb Reveal

Who is excited for the Black Rebel Riders' MC saga to continue?
 I know I have been saying The Diary of Gypsy Red would be book 10 but if you know my Rebels they have their own ideas of what should happen and when. The diary will be a part of The Devil's Rebel so don't worry Gypsy Red will be sharing some of her secrets with you.
I am super excited to share the blurb for BRRMC book 10 with you. I am sure you are wondering when this book will release and I can't give you a date yet. I hate committing to dates because my characters only work with me on their terms. I wish it were the other way around, I truly do but I have to do what the voices tell me to. And well Sara has a lot of her mom's sass and she may have threatened to stab me in the tit if I didn't get her story in the works.
*Drum Roll Please*

The Devil's Rebel 
Black Rebel Riders' MC 
Book 10
Glenna Maynard 

One of the first lessons we learn in life is never to take rides from strangers. Sara always thought she was smart and would never become a statistic. However, when she meets a cute, older guy at a basketball game she has no idea that he is a member of the Devils Rejects and a sworn enemy of her family. Taken in by his southern charm and good looks, she takes a chance. A chance that could be a grave mistake for the daughter of a Black Rebel Rider.

As brother-in-law of the President of the Devils Rejects, Danny has no choice but to do as he is told. In this life the only way you are leaving is in a body bag. You can either ride or you can die. When Marek demands he bring him the daughter of a Black Rebel he follows his orders like a good brother should. Only he grabs the wrong girl. He may be falling in love with his captive, but loving her could be his end.

Grim thought he had laid the ghost of Gypsy Red to rest and let that part of himself go once and for all. However, a deathbed confession rips the old wound wide open leaving him questioning the past forty years.

The Black Rebel Riders’ MC Saga continues. This time when an enemy goes too far it means war and no one is safe. Are you ready to ride?