Monday, July 29, 2019

Snow White & The Biker

You have been asking for it so Snow White & The Biker is now available for Pre-order.
Right now I only have the Amazon link but I am waiting for the other sales channels to populate.

❄️🖤☠️Snow White & The Biker❄️🖤☠️
has a release date of October 22nd
Apple, Nook, Kobo coming soon!
She’s supposed to be an easy target. One bullet and done. All I have to do to earn my Original Seven MC patch is pull the trigger. It sounds easy enough until I make the mistake of falling for her. When the time comes I will have to do what I was born for and end her life. Only I can’t stop thinking about her red as blood lips and how good they taste or her dark as night hair wrapped up in my fist. It’s either kill her or take her place six feet under.